Haitian witch and voodoo rites: a woman tried in 2023 for the assassination of her wife

Haitian witch and voodoo rites a woman tried in 2023

The corpse did not fit in the trunk. The BMW therefore pulled out of the basement of a Parisian building on March 23, 2019, with the body in the back seat. After 45 minutes of highways and secondary roads, the three murderers took out the body and cleaned his nails and teeth with antibacterial gel … Read more

“Voodoo and the permanent Ayisyèn resistance”, a socio-historical work on one of the fundamental elements of Haitian culture

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Reynold Eustache born September 24, 1946, in the Central Plateau into a family strongly involved in the resistance of the Cacos during the American occupation, delivered a socio-historical approach to voodoo in the first volume of his book: “Voodoo and the permanent Ayisyèn resistance”, from the colonial period to the present day. This … Read more