Saudi Crown Prince launches National Intellectual Property Strategy

Saudi Crown Prince launches National Intellectual Property Strategy

PARIS: The Court of Justice of the European Union cleared the way on Thursday for platforms to be held liable for the sale of counterfeits, ruling that Amazon could be considered to be promoting fake Louboutin products sold on its site by third parties. The famous French shoemaker Louboutin, known for its red-soled pumps, had … Read more

GrimGrimoire OnceMore, the remaster of the real-time strategy game from Vanillaware and Nippon Ichi Software, available on April 7, 2023 in Europe on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 – Nintendo-Difference

GrimGrimoire OnceMore the remaster of the real time strategy game from

NIS-America has just announced the exact release dates for the western version of GrimGrimoire OnceMorethe remaster of the real-time strategy game GrimGrimoire developped by Vanillawarewhich was originally released on playstation2 April 12, 2007. It will therefore be available on April 7 next in Europe and a little before in the United States, on April 4, … Read more

Champagnes Veuve Cliquot: a digital strategy without rules or dogma

Champagnes Veuve Cliquot a digital strategy without rules or dogma

One word: solar. Only one color: yellow. And, not just any yellow, that of the rising sun. That of people who get up early,that of Madame Clicquot and, her optimism anchored to the body. A young woman who was widowed at the age of 27 with a 3-year-old daughter. A situation that was his greatest … Read more

Meditation Market 2022-Industry Size, Growth Factors, Key Leaders, Development Strategy, Future Trends, Historical Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Regional Forecast 2029 –

Meditation Market 2022 Industry Size Growth Factors Key Leaders Development Strategy

Global market for meditation » The 2022 report contains information on market share, company performance (shares), comprehensive analysis, consumer perspective, historical analysis, statistics, market forecast from 2022 to 2029 in terms of revenue, volume, growth rate and CAGR. This report targets Meditation volume and value at global level, regional level and company level. The Meditation … Read more

Recruitment, strategy… The art of divination at the service of the company

FOCUS – This is a little-known facet of business consulting that tells you Le Figaro. Originally reserved for individuals, clairvoyance and astrology are disciplines that have found their place in the world of work. Were you recruited through the advice of an astrologer or a medium? Do you owe your appointment to the executive committee … Read more