Top 20 of the worst things that can happen to you after your death, what to want to stay alive for a long time | Topito

Top 20 of the worst things that can happen to

Whether or not you believe in life after death, you probably want to leave a good image of yourself the day you cry. You would like everything to go smoothly, for everyone to keep a good memory of your little face and even for us to regret your departure a little (it always pleases the … Read more

PODCAST – Patrick Goujon, Jesuit: “Meditation with Jesus kept me alive”

Patrick Goujon (1) teaches the history of spirituality at the Center Sèvres-Jesuit Faculties in Paris. He welcomed us into the Jesuit community of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, located in the west of Paris. In the living room-library, he explained to me the origins and the fecundity of Christian meditation which allows us to speak to God, as a … Read more

Burned alive for witchcraft, Henriette de Crans has her sculpture in Besançon

Burned alive for witchcraft Henriette de Crans has her sculpture

A bust of Henriette de Crans, the first woman accused of witchcraft and burned alive in Besançon, has been installed in Chamars. It is inaugurated this Saturday, November 20. Who was she? Narrative. Henriette de Crans is the first woman sentenced to death for witchcraft in Besançon. It was in April 1434. This public execution, … Read more