PODCAST – Patrick Goujon, Jesuit: “Meditation with Jesus kept me alive”

Patrick Goujon (1) teaches the history of spirituality at the Center Sèvres-Jesuit Faculties in Paris.

He welcomed us into the Jesuit community of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, located in the west of Paris. In the living room-library, he explained to me the origins and the fecundity of Christian meditation which allows us to speak to God, as a friend speaks to a friend.

As a teenager, he immersed himself in the Gospels. With the help of a priest, he was initiated into meditation and contemplation of the Holy Scriptures.

Entering the Jesuits, he deepened this way of praying. In particular, it allowed him to go through the devastating effects of the abuse experienced in his childhood by a priest.

“Meditation is what allows us to dwell in the Word of God, to hear it and to respond to it”he summarizes.

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PODCAST – Patrick Goujon, Jesuit: “Meditation with Jesus kept me alive”

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