TRUE OR FALSE. Were the witches “tortured and burned alive” “women without a man” as claimed by Sandrine Rousseau?

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the essential Were the witches burned in the Middle Ages, in their majority, women resisting the power of men? Clarification on the remarks made by Sandrine Rousseau during a conference on the subject. MP Sandrine Rousseau, who has been the subject of strong media attention for several months, found herself at the center of a … Read more

Burned alive for witchcraft, Henriette de Crans has her sculpture in Besançon

Burned alive for witchcraft Henriette de Crans has her sculpture

A bust of Henriette de Crans, the first woman accused of witchcraft and burned alive in Besançon, has been installed in Chamars. It is inaugurated this Saturday, November 20. Who was she? Narrative. Henriette de Crans is the first woman sentenced to death for witchcraft in Besançon. It was in April 1434. This public execution, … Read more

Who was Catillon, the last woman burned for witchcraft in Switzerland?

Who was Catillon the last woman burned for witchcraft in

It was in 2008, the historian and deputy to the Grand Council Jean-Pierre Dorand (PDC) began a process to restore his honor to Catherine Repond, known as Catillon, the last woman in Switzerland to have been burned for witchcraft at the stake. du Guintzet, in Fribourg, in 1731. But the Grand Council of Friborg would … Read more