Diary of an expat’ #1: 5 things that surprised me when I arrived in Lyon

Diary of an expat 1 5 things that surprised me

1. Lyon, capital of esotericism I am what is commonly called a “witch”. In any case, that’s how my relatives have fun naming me! Very focused on energies, the “spirituality” in its broadest sense, astrology (no comment… If you’re slanderous, my crystal ball will tell me and I’ll put a spell on you. I’m kidding… … Read more

Beliefs in witchcraft are widespread and highly variable around the world, study finds – CNET – ApparelGeek

Beliefs in witchcraft are widespread and highly variable around the

A newly compiled dataset quantitatively captures beliefs in witchcraft in countries around the world, allowing investigation of key factors associated with these beliefs. Boris Gershman of the American University in Washington, DC, presents these findings in the open-access journal PLOS ONE on November 23, 2022. Many previous studies conducted around the world have documented people’s … Read more

“Wednesday”, a 100% Burtonian gothic teen-show

1669239389 Wednesday a 100 Burtonian gothic teen show

The perfect match! If the funeral nuptials between Hollywood’s enchanting neo-Gothic Tim Burton and the macabre and sardonic girl of the Addams Family, Wednesday, seem obvious, they had so far never succeeded. Approached to direct the 1991 film, the filmmaker had to give up due to his previous commitment to Batman, Barry Sonnenfeld sticks to … Read more

What music in films and series to discover the week of November 23, 2022?

What music in films and series to discover the week

EXITS AT THE MOVIE THEATER OUR SELECTION OF THE WEEK WHAT TO SEE AT THE CINEMA FOR FILMS AND THEIR MUSIC ORIGINAL : Nicholas Britell meets Maria Schrader on this forensic biopic about the revelations behind the #Metoo movement with a dissonant cello (performed by Caitlin Sullivan) and delicate piano befitting the gravity of the … Read more

“Sister Deborah”: the black Messiah of Scholastique Mukasonga

Star Academy what happened to Carine Haddadou candidate for the

The first name his parents gave him became his surname. The first name she kept on her identity papers meant, in the Rwanda of the 1950s and 1960s, that she was baptized and could study in religious schools. Installed today in Normandy, where the green pastures frequented by disillusioned cows remind her of her native … Read more

Gambia: towards justice for the victims of the Jammeh regime? | DW | 22.11.2022

Gambia towards justice for the victims of the Jammeh regime

The Gambia is still healing its wounds, five years after the departure of Yahya Jammeh, who led the country for 22 years by instilling fear and repression of the opposition. Last May, the government of Adama Barrow agreed to implement the recommendations of the commission which investigated crimes committed during the dictatorship. Objective: to launch … Read more

The teenagers who thought they’d never be able to walk again – BBC News Africa

The teenagers who thought theyd never be able to walk

By Naomi Grimley Global health correspondent, Dakar 3 hours ago image caption, Serigne in integral plaster As Africa holds its first-ever conference on clubfoot – a condition that affects around one in 800 people worldwide – the BBC visits a clinic in Senegal to witness a life-changing treatment. At the start of the year, 14-year-old … Read more

Energy crisis: these passionate individuals who adapt and who do not give up Christmas lights

Energy crisis these passionate individuals who adapt and who do scaled

Each year, several Lorraine houses adorn themselves with thousands of light bulbs and garlands to make young and old dream. With the rise in energy prices, these illuminations will shine (a little) less this winter in Meurthe-et-Moselle. But they won’t go away. Faced with rising energy prices and the risk of power cuts, fans of … Read more