Seine-et-Marne: Georgie Ozvan back with a thriller on the forest

Gerogie Ozvan signed her book at the Leclerc center in Dammarie-lès-Lys
Gerogie Ozvan signed her book at the Leclerc center in Dammarie-lès-Lys ©PV/RSM77

Witchcraft, murders, paranormal events… Forests have always been at the center of human fantasies, before becoming a source of inspiration. Among the artists to have been nurtured by them, the Seine-et-Marnaise writer Georgia Ozvanwhich was in dedication at the Leclerc center in Dammarie-les-Lysin Seine et Marne.

third novel

With his third novel, revenge of the forestsshe signs a new thriller anchored in the heart of Seine-et-Marne. The central theme is the looting of forests, in addition to the theft of wood, the problems of private plots and wild animals. I also honor the equestrian brigade of Bois-le-Roi, which does a lot of safety and prevention work, “explains the author. The local anchoring is even stronger when you know that a large part of the plot takes place at the heart of the forest of Fontainebleauas well as in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) and in Brittany.

The story is a worthy continuation of the previous novels published by the writer: “Part of the action always takes place in the fictional town of Prince-la-Forêt, and the heroes were already present in the two previous novels”, explains Georgie Ozvan. These two protagonists will also undergo many adventures. Passionate about Celtic culture, and in a nod to the myths of her native Brittany, she does not hesitate to add a little of this magic to her book. The animals of the woods, such as the deer and the boar are also real characters, with a role to play within the plot: they have the ability to take revenge for the misdeeds that Man inflicts on them.

Social issues

The novel also echoes issues faced by many villages near major cities: moving to the countryside of new residents, formerly city dwellers. The massive arrival of Parisians in the suburbs, even in the countryside, is treated through the prism of public facilities, such as nurseries or schools, whose development has not followed. I wrote in an ambient pessimism “, specifies Georgie Ozvan.

However, a certain humor concerns these new residents of Prince-la-Forêt, who find themselves caricatured. “I wanted to make fun of sores “, she confesses. As in the writer’s previous novels, there is nevertheless a great social diversity among the characters: anti-fascist activist, fans of metal music, artists and trees.

Writing projects

Her previous novel, Breizh metalreleased in spring 2022, met a real success in bookstores. “I had good feedback from readers and critics,” she rejoices. Prolific, Georgie Ozvan is already developing his fourth book. The next novel will take place in the area of ​​Dammarie-lès-Lys and Melun. The theme will be the fights between the gangs and the delinquency of young adolescent girls “, reveals the one who is also an assessor at the juvenile court of Melun. After that, she already has ideas for a fifth novel, which should take the reader around the world: “I think of adventures on a French warship in 1953, around the Seychelles, with a treasure hunt”. Good reads in perspective.

It will be possible to meet Georgie Ozvan in Paris on Saturday February 11, during the festival Read Brittany.

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revenge of the forestsEditions Le Lys bleu, 256 pages, €21.70

. Editions Le Lys bleu, 256 pages, €21.70

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Seine-et-Marne: Georgie Ozvan back with a thriller on the forest

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