Sayouba Traoré on secularism: Since you take it that way!

Sayouba Traore on secularism Since you take it that way

The sole purpose of this text is an objective debate. By asking the real questions. By not avoiding what annoys. An objective debate. Anyone with arguments is welcome. Anyone who spreads false explanations or disrespects his neighbor will be blocked. And his comment deleted. We will now do things in the open. In front of … Read more

“Genius of France”, by Abdennour Bidar: for a mystical secularism

Book. The title is daring, the subject removed. At a time when questioning the identity of France may seem obsolete or even tendentious, Abdennour Bidar intends to show the urgency of such reflection. Accustomed to religious or spiritual questions (self-islamThreshold, 2006; Spiritual revolution!Almora, 2021), the philosopher prefers, however, to the term “identity” – which suggests … Read more