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Do you feel the influence of friends? While the Dragster created a real visual slap at its outputwhile putting a touch of old to the brutal, here it is which steals ideas from other models in the range. 2023 removes its tangential spoke rims for the no less spectacular wheels of the Superveloce 800 S. On the other hand, it is on the side of the 1000 Rush that the rear wheel finds inspiration for its carbon hubcap.

This new vintage also means the fitting of new Brembo M4.32 calipers, electronic optimizations to engine management, the dashboard and steering assistance, a revised saddle for a little more comfort, a little more pressure in the rear brake circuit, and a throttle grip with better feel as well as negative rotation to cut cruise control.
Under its “America” ​​color, the Dragster RR SCS already reaps a certain thrill. But the curious will have much more interesting to discover. First strain your ears before acclimating your eyes.

A growl around the corner. Simultaneously impatient, drizzly, between the growl and the growl. Nothing less than a bubbling 3-cylinder, Italian it seems. Once closer, we discover the nervous and compact look of an MV-Agusta 800 Dragster RR. She is stationary, crouched, ready to pounce. We expect to see her go like a bomb. The pilot is clinging to the controls… and quickly twists the throttle. Suddenly, the duo squirts from the stage – Yet the clutch lever never saw the fingers of the hand. What is this sorcery?

It’s called SCS. Cad on Smarket VSlutch Ssystem. A centrifugal automatic clutch developed by the company Rekluse. The system engages or disengages the gearbox without action on the part of the user. For the continuation and the passage of the reports, it is the shifter which takes over (with the action of the foot, of course).

MV-Agusta 800 Dragster RR SCS MV-Agusta has set up the SCS to allow cannon starts, very difficult to obtain with a classic system. A beautiful little piece of technology, weighing only 36 grams more than a standard clutch, can be fitted in the dedicated housing without modifying the engine or the housing, and posing an additional cost of around 500 euros.

This “semi-automatic” Dragster is naturally entitled to all the improvements of the Dragster RR ; shared with all of the brand’s 800 cc machines. An engine with a whole bunch of optimized internal parts, the preservation of 140 horsepower, a cut-to-edge exhaust, a more rigid cycle part recalibrated in suspensions, a large extension in electronics – we are not pretending to Varese. Two things stand out first: the 5.5-inch TFT display and the complex headlight, now with cornering light technology. Hidden in the innards, additional steering aids consist of a 3rd generation Up&Down shifter, an IMU allowing ABS cornering, improved traction control and anti-wheelie, cruise control speed and optimized engine management.

Most of the chassis continues its function, with a frame combining tubular steel trellis and aluminum plates, inverted fork Marzocchi 43 mm fully adjustable, single arm, Sachs shock absorber also adjustable from everywhere, adjustable steering damping, muscular brakes made of 4-piston radial calipers with 320mm discs front – 2-piston caliper and 220mm disc rear, 120mm and 200mm wide tyres, and a dry weight of 175kg.

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MV-Agusta 800 Dragster RR SCS 2023 – Motorcycle details – Motoplanete

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