In Saint-Tropez, Sarah Staudinger created her own wedding dress to marry Ari Emanuel

For the late afternoon, Sarah Staud wanted to wear something a little more retro. His team therefore created a look consisting of a shell skirt and a man’s shirt tied in the front to end the day in style.

A tailor-made wedding dress, nugget from Sarah Staudinger

On the morning of D-Day, the bride wore a tuxedo dress Chanel with a pair of Havaianas. She then opted for a babydoll and a dressing gown La Perla while we were getting her ready, before putting on her wedding dress. Renato Campora was in charge of her hairstyle and Romy Soleimani make-up. Her dress was of course a creation Sarah Staud tailored. “I had a very specific vision of the lines I wanted for my wedding dress, she says. So we took masking tape and taped my body. The most important thing was really where the dress was going to mark me, so we applied tape around the bust, and at that low waist that I particularly wanted. I had in mind a dramatic V-cut with a low waist, and a largely bare back, but I also wanted the dress to be fitted in the middle and the neckline to be simple, something feminine, nothing too harsh, with straps as thin as possible.”

The most difficult choice for the bride was that of the wedding venue. “We didn’t want to organize it in a castle, she explains. We didn’t want a big wedding.” They ended up finding their happiness in a private residence in Estagnet, suggested by local acquaintances. “It is a small house in the middle of a large field, described Sarah Staud. My father’s first house was on this street and the house of Brigitte Bardot was right in front.”

When it’s finally time to walk down the aisle, Sarah Staud was calm and serene. “I was the first surprised not to be more stressed than that, she remembers. A few minutes before, I had read my vows in the bathroom with my friends, so I had already shed a lot of tears. They all started crying too. Romy, my makeup artist, was not happy at all!”

The master of ceremonies, larry david, of course took the opportunity to put on a show and gently make fun of the bride and groom during his speech. They then exchanged the vows they had written themselves. Finally, the hour of truth rang: Larry asked if anyone had any reason to oppose this marriage. “Really, no one? An objection, please,” he begged. Tyler Perry then answered the call and pretended to have an objection, causing hilarity in the assembly. “It was really too funny, says Sarah Staud. [Autrement] we were in tears, of course. Ari gave me a chewing gum, a little joke between us and symbolic of the beginning of our relationship. We didn’t explain its meaning, but for us it was very clear. It was just a really funny, happy, and cheerful time.” At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds came out hand in hand and made their way to the gazebo to welcome the guests.

A total of five kiosks had been set up, along with a large canopy for dining, and a dedicated after-party space that was part of the existing villa structure on the estate. “There’s this house and a huge piece of land, we’ve filled it all in, and I wanted it all to feel like it’s always been there,” explains Sarah Staud. The idea was to recreate classic elements of that very cool beach spirit, while the marquee set up for dinner had a more romantic edge with its pastel tones.”

A transitional dinner

The dinner didn’t drag out long, with only a few speeches. “We wanted something catchy, which does not drag on, explains Sarah Staud. The dinner was mainly to serve as a transition to the party.” For the dancing part, the bride opted for a beaded dress that read “Staud Love Ari.” “It was an all-beaded mini dress with a matching bag,” she explains. something personal that served as a common thread throughout the celebrations.”

Distinguished guests at the wedding of Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger in Saint-Tropez

Sarah Staud is lucky to count among his friends some of the best DJs in the world, enough to ensure the atmosphere until dawn. “Ross, who is the husband of one of my best friends [Harley Viera-Newton] got the ball rolling, then Diplo, Sam French, Hank and Trevor chained.” Later in the night, Sarah Staud decided to do the traditional bouquet toss on the dance floor, and it’s Sara Natafgirlfriend of the DJ Hank Korsanwho caught him.

Two birthdays were also celebrated during the festivities: that of a friend who was celebrating his 40th birthday, and that of Ari’s son, who was celebrating his 20th birthday. “We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to them and brought them their birthday cake – part of which ended up smeared on several faces at one point,” she smiles.

To finish, Sarah Staud changed one last time and put on a dress Paco Rabanne dating from 1967, bought at Lily and Cie in Beverly Hills. “She weighed almost 15 kilos,” she said. It’s a real vintage Paco dress. When I tried it on, I knew I absolutely had to have it!” Underneath, she wore a bodysuit that later doubled as a swimsuit when, at the end of the evening, she jumped into the pool – above which hung a gigantic disco ball. “Everyone was dancing and having a great time,” she recalls. I sincerely wanted to see people happy, not just happy for us, but happy. [Ce jour] was placed under the sign of love, and everyone was having a blast. I think the last day, we felt it especially.”

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In Saint-Tropez, Sarah Staudinger created her own wedding dress to marry Ari Emanuel

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