Numerology: how the wedding date determines the destiny of your couple? Answers and more…

Numerologists claim that the date of a wedding can tell a lot about a couple’s relationship. Thanks to an accurate calculation, you will be able to learn new details about your couple, avoid many troubles and achieve happiness in love. He would help to choose the best date for the wedding and would be the guarantor of a healthy relationship. If you are already married, the calculation will help you find the weak points and will improve the daily life with your partner. To figure it all out, you first need to add up all the digits of the chosen date until you get a single digit number.

Trust the numbers, they never lie

For example, if your wedding date is 12/15/2022 = 1+5+1+2+2+0+2+2 = 15 = 1+5 = 6. This is the number that will reveal the secrets of marital well-being. You can also calculate the most auspicious date for your wedding. Start with the bride’s date of birth – for example, 12/08/1992 = 1+2+0+8+1+9+9+2=32 = 3+2 = 5, and of the groom, 26/02 /1988 = 2+6+0+2+1+9+8+8 =36 = 3+6 = 9. Then you add the digits of the two 5+9=14; 1+4=5, i.e. the fifth day of each month would be perfect as a wedding date choice.

When you get your wedding number, see what secret is behind it

numbers in numerology

Meaning of the 9 wedding numbers

1 – The one promises a stable marriage, but watch out for disappointments.

The 1 symbolizes leadership, which is why in family relationships you have to find compromises. One of the two people may tend to be more authoritarian, which risks creating feelings of animosity. To avoid quarrels, do not seek to impose yourself. If you learn to communicate, over time frictions and differences will lessen and your family will live in understanding and harmony. The vibrations of the 1 stimulate the spouses to support each other in the important decisions to be made. For example, growing their business together and sharing ambitious new ideas. Such a union, based on mutual understanding and compromise, promises to be strong and lasting. It is important not to allow boredom to take place in your relationship, as this will be disastrous. Diversify your free time with interesting trips, walks, sports and thus discharge your excess energy.

Mutual understanding is to be preferred for the 1

place for compromises from the meeting of two distinct individualities

2 – The two helps to keep love alive for a long time.

Life as a couple under the vibration of 2 is synonymous with trust, closeness, security and pure and simple love. Do not forget to surprise your half with beautiful gifts, show your feelings, recognize the love you have for each other. This way, your relationship will keep the spark of your beginnings together. A weakness in this marriage could be the suspicion of infidelity on the part of one of the partners. You can save the marriage by doing things separately from time to time. Detachment will diversify your relationship and help you appreciate even more the presence and your partner’s personality, and when you see each other, you will feel joy and genuine feelings of affection. Protect each other from hurt and disappointment and your union will be a model to follow.

Safety is essential for the 2

two hands express strong union with black on white graphic

3 – The three brings discord and restlessness.

In such unions, selfish tendencies are not uncommon when people cease to regard and care for each other as they pursue their own path of development. Such relationships are doomed to disaster. If you want to have a strong family, you need to consider your partner’s opinion and wishes. The vibrations of 3 affect the routine of daily life. Boredom and monotony can destroy a family. Maintain harmony by dividing household chores between you. Likewise, frequent outings to nature, minimal interior design, and no clutter at home will help enhance the marriage. So you’ll spend less time cleaning and have more free time for hobbies and activities that bring you together and keep you entertained.

Success is important for the 3

two silhouettes of brides on a background of the setting sun with clouds

4 – The four is not the most reliable.

This number stimulates individual development. Therefore, the interests of the partners are limited only to their own achievements and objectives. In such a marriage, the man and the woman rarely become attached to each other and often perceive their companion as an obstacle to their personal fulfillment. The arrival of children also leads to changes in the relationship. Numerologists therefore recommend weighing the pros and cons before getting married under the influence of 4. Often, in these families, problems accumulate over time, and then turn into huge scandals. It is possible to preserve the relationship in an already established family by paying special attention to your partner and being diligent in reaching a mutual understanding. You can set common goals, moving forward hand in hand through mutual support.

Confidence is paramount for the 4

couple from behind on their wedding day on a background of petals of red white pink and cream roses

5 – The five is responsible for new emotions.

The marriage of people united by this number promises to be stable and interesting. They are surrounded by many friends and have common hobbies and activities that help them deal with the usual problems of each couple. Spouses can reach great heights by supporting each other in their endeavors. In general, laughter and good humor are always present in these families, and their children are born under a lucky star. Despite all the positivity in couple life influenced by the 5, it is good to give yourself privacy and time for your individual needs and interests.

Happiness is the engine of the 5

a happy couple on a bicycle in a field on a background of blue sky with some white clouds

6 – Six is ​​the most harmonious number.

The harmonious vibrations of the 6 allow the couple to benefit from rare communication, mutual understanding and true love. Families in which partners pay attention to each other, support each other in efforts and do not try to impose themselves on each other, quickly recover and gain financial independence. In order for the family to be strong and harmonious for many years, it is necessary for the spouses to maintain the comfort of the home, which is an essential element of a happy life.

Happiness is always present for the 6

a healthy and lasting relationship with the symbolism of the red heart that two hands hold it on a sky blue wooden slat background

7 – The seven leads to isolation from the outside world.

In couples where one of the partners does not communicate and share, conflicts and misunderstandings can very easily arise. However, if both partners are used to living in a smaller circle and without interacting with many new and unfamiliar people, their marriage will be long and happy. The vibrations of the 7 affect both partners, and to succeed they must be calm and firm, otherwise the impulsiveness of just one of the partners will cause a lot of inconvenience.

Freedom is the essence of 7

human exchange expressed by blue silhouettes of speech bubbles and diagrams

8 – The eight brings together people focused on advancing their careers.

Couples planning to get married on the date influenced by the eights should exercise caution. If one of the partners needs attention and the other devotes most of his time to work, conflicts are inevitable. Numerologists call 8 the number of workaholics, and if you don’t identify with these people, it’s best to shift your wedding date. Unfortunately, most marriages made between partners with different goals in life are destroyed by the vibrations of this number.

Without the truth, the 8 no longer exists

the meeting of two ambitions the competition in the couple in a fight of iron hands

9 – The nine protects family relationships.

If your partner and your family are more important than your career, then this number will become your talisman of happiness and prosperity. A harmonious union where spouses appreciate each other, and give everything without expecting anything in return, is doomed to success and happiness. In such unions, the couple should think about having several children to give them all the love in the world. Often, families influenced by the 9 have several pets, because they like to take care of helpless creatures.

Sincerity is the characteristic of the 9

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Numerology: how the wedding date determines the destiny of your couple? Answers and more…

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