All the photos from the wedding of Taylor Lautner, the actor of Twilight who just married in California

For the record, the‘actor Taylor Lautner has met Taylor Dome in 2017, during a party organized at his home. She is his sister, Makenawho introduced her to this nurse specializing in mental health (founder of the blog Lemons by Tay and the non-profit association The Lemons Foundation). Before this meeting, she even said to him: “I warn you, I’m bringing your future wife!”
She hadn’t been mistaken. After several years of relationship, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome ended up getting engaged on November 11, 2021, at their home in Los Angeles. “Taylor always told me she didn’t want anything big or elaborate, she preferred something intimate,” says Taylor Lautner. “One night she suggested I do it in the kitchen over dinner and a glass of wine. So I ended up doing it in the kitchen, but I saw things in large.”

Symbols were at the heart of the event

Numerology having always been important for Taylor Dome, Taylor Lautner quickly identified 11/11/21 as the ideal date for the marriage proposal. “With the help of my assistant, I arranged for her to attend an event that day so that we could transform the kitchen while she was away,” he explains. “We covered it with hundreds of roses and candles. The room was barely recognizable. When she came home, she was in for a big surprise. Later that night, I proposed to her that we’d be married in a year’s time. Exactly, Friday, November 11, 2022, and we did it!”

The couple appealed to wedding planner Josiah Carr and Justin McGregor of samkoma. “Planning a wedding is a lot of work and obviously has its ups and downs, but the whole process was smooth and the big day exceeded any expectations we had!” declared Taylor Dome. “When I first tried on my dress, it had this gorgeous lace cape, and I was amazed,” she recalls of her dress Winnie Couture. “I didn’t think I wanted a dress like the one I ended up choosing, but I felt like a princess when I put it on and that’s how I knew it was the one.”

She insisted on personalizing the dress by having butterflies embroidered on it. “Besides the growth, transformation and beauty that butterflies symbolize, my grandmother and I have always had a deep love for them,” the bride explains. “My grandmother’s mother passed away at a young age, and she always told my grandmother that she would come back as a white butterfly to watch over her and protect her. Ever since that day, my Grandma and I always have white butterflies around us. The day before the wedding I was having lunch and a white butterfly literally landed on me. I was blown away and felt so comforted . “Butterfly earrings from Susan Saffron as well as an engagement ring and wedding band from Ring Concierge completed the bride’s look for the ceremony.

An almost dreamlike ceremony at sunset

On D-Day, a hundred guests came to the vineyard. Then the groom walked down the aisle on Touching Heaven of johnnyswimwhile the bride and her father made their entrance on Heaven’s Knife ofAodhan King.

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All the photos from the wedding of Taylor Lautner, the actor of Twilight who just married in California

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