Christine Bravo married: she reveals her unique list of wedding gifts

Freshly married to Stéphane Bachot, Christine Bravo unveiled, on Instagram, her unique list of wedding gifts. Find out more below.

Christine Bravo is currently in heaven and is not about to come down from her little cloud. This Saturday, June 11, 2022, the 66-year-old host said “yes” to Stéphane Bachot, who has shared his life for two years. It is in Corsica, in the town of Occhiatana, that the couple chose to put the ring on their finger in the presence of their relatives. The bride posted several photos and videos of the ceremony on instagramalong with her list of rather unusual wedding gifts.

As tradition dictates, Christine Bravo had sent a wedding list to its guests. And what she asked them certainly took them by surprise:

My wedding list: trees, plants and essences that will beautify the Corsican land and that will survive us for eternity.

She wrote in the caption of a series of photos of plants and other plants. And to add:

Well, there they are in a close row in front of my house… I’ll show them to you planted. Hey, yeah, that’s a great idea for a wedding gift, for the lucky ones who have a garden!

So this is a symbolic way to seal her love with Stéphane Bachot, who fills her with joy every day a little more.

Two love at first sight for the price of one

The love story between Christine Bravo and Stéphane Bachot began in a rather unusual way. While she was looking for a new apartment, Christine Bravo found herself consulting advertisements for barge sales. She had a crush on one of them, but also on the one who showed her the boat:

I stumbled upon ads for barges and a specialized agency. It was its director, Stéphane Bachot, who showed me around this boat at the time. I had a crush and bought it. (…) Then he showed me other barges, including his own. And we fell in love like 14-year-old kids. It is with him that I live today, on his boat.

she said to the Parisian few months ago.

Christine Bravo and Stéphane Bachot have dropped everything to live their love in broad daylight. Because when they met, each of them were already in a relationship.

Christine Bravo no longer believed in it

As she said to Current wife, Christine Bravo had lost faith in love. Also, this second marriage has a very particular flavor for the one who regularly intervenes in The Big Headsof which, surprisingly, none of the members took part in the ceremony:

At 62, I thought, for me, it was all over. I was happy with my children, my friends… Love was no longer a project at all. And now I’m 14! It is the proof that life can do all the tricks to you, the bad or atrocious blows, like the best surprises. One day you’re at the bottom of the hole and the next day everything becomes clear.

Christine Bravo @ DR

Also, Christine Bravo was very moved during his second marriage, where she couldn’t hold back her tears when the mayor united her with the man of her life. This Monday, June 13, 2022, she shared her state of mind on instagramtwo days after his remarriage:

Always on my little cloud, in Occhiatana, my adopted village. I will send you the speech of the mayor, Stéphane Orsini, who brought us to tears.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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Christine Bravo married: she reveals her unique list of wedding gifts

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