50’Inside – A subject on Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provokes the anger of internet users

50Inside A subject on Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provokes

A subject of “50’Inside” on Thomas Vergara and Nabilla angers internet users. TF1 screen capture Nikos Aliagas was back on TF1, this Saturday, November 12, to present a new number of “50’Inside”. And a subject has created misunderstanding on the Web. The teams of the first channel have “rehashed the past” to talk about Nabilla’s … Read more

Saint-Romain fair in Rouen: the safety of the “La Turbine” merry-go-round is the subject of a police investigation

1668053256 Saint Romain fair in Rouen the safety of the La Turbine

On October 31, a young woman told on Facebook about her bad experience in the “La Turbine” thrill ride, one of the 2022 novelties of the Saint-Romain Fair in Rouen. According to her, her safety harness would have opened without triggering the emergency stop of the attraction. She has since filed a complaint. After a … Read more

Halloween: these dangerous costumes for children are the subject of a recall

Halloween these dangerous costumes for children are the subject of

By Timothée L’Angevin Published on 28 Oct 22 at 11:42 News See my news Follow this media The costumes are no longer for sale, but they could be in your wardrobes (©Illustration photo / Stockadobe.com) Beware of disguises of your children. If they decided to dress up as a princess, witch, skeleton or ghost for … Read more

“That’s what I feel deep inside of me”: having a favorite child, a taboo subject?

Thats what I feel deep inside of me having a

Pregnant, Nathalie dreamed of having a daughter. When Louise arrived, she was “thrilled”. The meeting with his son, Antoine, was more difficult. “He slept through the night at 3 years old, I was exhausted and had trouble attaching myself. “Growing up, however, it was he who became her darling, as she says: “It is what … Read more

France Telecom appeal trial: “Perhaps there were people who were the subject of harassment”

Mayan beliefs purification of the soul reincarnation 50 years in

“I approved the main part of the indictment”, loose one of the three lawyers of the CEO, Didier Lombard, “but you were wrong, Mr. Advocate General, to consider that the State had no responsibility . He has [au contraire] a major responsibility. The same believes that at the time of the implementation of the Next … Read more