Saint-Romain fair in Rouen: the safety of the “La Turbine” merry-go-round is the subject of a police investigation

1668053256 Saint Romain fair in Rouen the safety of the La Turbine

On October 31, a young woman told on Facebook about her bad experience in the “La Turbine” thrill ride, one of the 2022 novelties of the Saint-Romain Fair in Rouen. According to her, her safety harness would have opened without triggering the emergency stop of the attraction. She has since filed a complaint. After a … Read more

Kazakhstan launches an investigation into the mining company Bincloud suspected of organizing a Ponzi scheme. – Latest News

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

Recently, Kazakh authorities launched an investigation into a mining hotel involved in a cryptocurrency pyramid. The platform called Bincloud attracted investors through the popular messaging app. Its founders kept 16% of the investors’ funds for themselves. Bincloud facing an investigation by the Kazakh authorities As part of a broader effort to combat cryptocurrency fraud, Kazakhstan’s … Read more

The almost investigation: but where do the Warriors spend their holidays?

The almost investigation but where do the Warriors spend their

Now that the NBA season is over, it’s vacation time! Great League players still have a month and a half of free time in front of them to take it easy in the sun, have a shovelful of cocktails… or not? Well, it’s true that everyone has their own definition of the word “holiday”. For … Read more