50’Inside – A subject on Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provokes the anger of internet users

50Inside A subject on Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provokes

A subject of “50’Inside” on Thomas Vergara and Nabilla angers internet users. TF1 screen capture Nikos Aliagas was back on TF1, this Saturday, November 12, to present a new number of “50’Inside”. And a subject has created misunderstanding on the Web. The teams of the first channel have “rehashed the past” to talk about Nabilla’s … Read more

Thomas Dutronc: “Despite the cigar, my father kept an incredible tone of voice”

Thomas Dutronc Despite the cigar my father kept an incredible

Thirteen titles by Jacques and Thomas Dutronc sung in duet and brilliantly revisited. The album “Dutronc et Dutronc”, released this Friday, would not have seen the light of day without the self-sacrifice of the second to motivate this father whom he admires so much. Thomas and Jacques Dutronc revisited their repertoire. Including titles that make … Read more

Bill Callahan, Thomas Kahn, Pixies, Alexis HK… Notre sélection musicale de la semaine . Sport

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Pendant longtemps, Bill Callahan, 56 ans aujourd’hui, a incarné une certaine idée du folk rock alternatif américain, un peu dépressif, souvent en colère, cabossé et à vif, à coup sûr émouvant. Que ce soit sous le nom de Smog – Red Apple Falls (1997) et Knock Knock (1999) restent incontournables – et ensuite en solo. … Read more

Bill Callahan, Thomas Kahn, Pixies, Alexis HK… Our musical selection of the week

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

For a long time, Bill Callahan, 56 today, embodied a certain idea of ​​American alternative folk rock, a little depressed, often angry, battered and raw, certainly moving. Whether under the name of Smog – Red Apple Falls (1997) and Knock-Knock (1999) remain unmissable – and then solo. And then, in the mid-2010s, the eternal melancholy, … Read more

Interview. Businesses, tourism: Thomas Gourlan bets on the attractiveness of Sud-Yvelines

Interview Businesses tourism Thomas Gourlan bets on the attractiveness of

By Writing The News Published on 6 Oct 22 at 6:16 78news See my news Follow this media Thomas Gourlan, President of Rambouillet Territories. (©Rambouillet Territories) News: Rambouillet Territoires has launched a major project for the management of rainwater in the Groussay district of Rambouillet, which goes hand in hand with the new wastewater treatment … Read more

Faustina, Thomas Aquinas… what relationship did the great saints have with their guardian angel?

Faustina Thomas Aquinas what relationship did the great saints have

Some saints have a special and sometimes mysterious relationship with their guardian angel. Who is he really? A companion, a prayer guide, a teacher? And how does he intervene in the lives of those who aspired to a life of holiness? For Cardinal Newman, a major figure in the Church of England canonized in 2019, … Read more

LICORICE PIZZA, Paul Thomas Anderson’s new masterpiece | myCANAL

LICORICE PIZZA Paul Thomas Andersons new masterpiece myCANAL

Job by Alexis Lebrun July 6, 2022 Greatly forgotten from the last Oscars evening, the Californian director’s new feature film is one of the most beautiful films of the year 2022. A tribute to a bygone and fantasized era (the Los Angeles of the 1970s), LICORICE PIZZA brings us carries away by telling an electrifying … Read more

Chantal Thomas : « Jean d’Ormesson, l’écrivain français par excellence »

Mesdames et Messieurs de l’Académie, Je vous remercie avec émotion de me faire le grand honneur de m’accueillir en votre Compagnie. C’est me donner la chance à la fois de m’inscrire, en passant, dans une institution dédiée depuis sa fondation par Richelieu en 1635 à la vie et au perfectionnement de la langue française, et de ressentir … Read more