Buddha’s lotus blooms deep in the Laurentians

What gift to give on a birthday according to the

The gong sounds. The crash of a drum shakes the incense-scented pagoda. A few dozen worshipers dressed in orange or blue-grey togas gather under the upturned cornices. Some of them have shaved heads. We recite mantras: “Nam-mo na ra can tri…” We are not in Asia, but in the depths of the Laurentians. Welcome to … Read more

Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin: With the third edition of the Félicité Festival, take a deep breath of poetic fresh air!

Saint Cyr sur Morin With the third edition of the Felicite Festival take

@Festival Felicite In Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin, you have an appointment with poetry. For this third edition, Felicity Festival offers a day under the sign of poetic and musical journey in an ethical and responsible framework. Lovers of suspended and marvelous moments? Discover the magical atmosphere of Felicity Festival. After a successful second edition, The Stars of the … Read more

Towards slow and deep learning

Educational acceleration Have you heard of learning designed as quick little bites to swallow? Audios, videos or interactive capsules that nestle in the slightest dead time (long waits at a checkout, interlude between two appointments, meeting that starts late, etc.) between 20 seconds and 5 minutes maximum? To better relate to fast food, the Anglo-Saxon … Read more