50’Inside – A subject on Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provokes the anger of internet users

A subject of “50’Inside” on Thomas Vergara and Nabilla angers internet users. TF1 screen capture

Nikos Aliagas was back on TF1, this Saturday, November 12, to present a new number of “50’Inside”. And a subject has created misunderstanding on the Web. The teams of the first channel have “rehashed the past” to talk about Nabilla’s stabbing against Thomas Vergara. For Internet users, there was “no interest” in that.

This Saturday, November 12, a new issue of “50’Inside” was broadcast on TF1. In the program ? Nikos Aliagas returned to the “star academy reveal“. Not surprisingly, this is Yanis Marshall, the dance teacher, who had an incredible destiny. The teams of the first string also immersed viewers in the heart of the craziest amusement parks in the United States. Direction Florida, which brings together the biggest and most famous in the world. Suffice to say that this destination is a paradise for children, but also for adults. Moreover, this week, the portrait of the day was intended for Camille Lellouche, who gave her very first postpartum interview. A moment rich in emotions and filled with humor that seduced his fans.

VIDEO – (Re)discover the career of Nikos Aliagas:

However, it is a completely different subject that has unleashed passions on the Web. This Saturday, November 12, the teams of “50’Inside” brought to light an old controversy, which took place in 2014. At that time, a reality TV star was on everyone’s mind. Nabilla made himself known thanks to his participation in “Love is blind”. However, it wasn’t until a year later that fame knocked on her door, when she was cast in the cast of “Angels of Reality TV”. With her ultra sexy outfits and her unique expressions, Nabilla turns many heads. And if the French know her, it is thanks in particular to her sentence: “No but hello what. You’re a girl and you don’t have shampoo?”, which went around the Web.

“What is the interest and the relevance of rehashing this?”

It is also in this program that she met Thomas Vergara, today her husband and father of her two children. But their love story has had its ups and downs. If now they spin the perfect love in Dubai and have a calm life, the beginnings of their relationship were very chaotic. Moreover, in 2014, there was a thunderclap. Nabilla made headlines in the press after her custody. The reason ? After an argument with Thomas Vergara, she planted it with a knife. And while the couple had to stay apart for the time of the trial, love was stronger than anything and they couldn’t stay away from each other. Even if this case dates back more than eight years, it remains etched in people’s minds. And “50’Inside” decided to talk about this scandal again during the evening. For Internet users, there was no interest in spending time on this subject, except to create buzz. Misunderstanding then won the Web.

This forbidden love finally turned into a beautiful story. Nine years after their meeting, Thomas Vergara and Nabilla are the happy parents of two boys, named Milann and Leyann.

VIDEO – Back to the tumultuous love story between Nabilla and Thomas:

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50’Inside – A subject on Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provokes the anger of internet users

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