“The disorder of the world upsets the place assigned to historical consciousness”

The disorder of the world upsets the place assigned to

DIn the months following the invasion of Crimea by Russia in 2014, anonymous photos spread on social networks representing laughing warriors, surrounded by their banners, seated around a scribe writing a missive. The photographer Youry Bilak was soon to give the key to this tableau vivant. Ukrainian soldiers replayed a canvas of Ilia Repine painted … Read more

“Isabelle Adjani disturbing in Diane de Poitiers”: Josée Dayan presents her new historical fresco for France 2

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

Josée Dayan is a director. Determined, inhabited by her profession, it was the theater that first attracted her, then literature and finally television. As a result, she decided to combine her three passions. Impossible not to mention the series and its success which has lasted for many years, Captain Marleaudubbed, acclaimed by viewers. On November … Read more

The Crown, Downton Abbey… 10 big time inconsistencies in historical series

The Crown Downton Abbey… 10 big time inconsistencies in historical

We don’t know you but the editorial staff of Seriously is very fond of historical series. However, directors and screenwriters are not necessarily seasoned historians. Of Downton Abbey at Stranger Thingshere are 10 time inconsistencies that have not gone unnoticed. An inconsistency in Downton abbey spotted by Queen Elizabeth II © ITV You are a … Read more

Meditation Market 2022-Industry Size, Growth Factors, Key Leaders, Development Strategy, Future Trends, Historical Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Regional Forecast 2029 – Androidfun.com

Meditation Market 2022 Industry Size Growth Factors Key Leaders Development Strategy

Global market for meditation » The 2022 report contains information on market share, company performance (shares), comprehensive analysis, consumer perspective, historical analysis, statistics, market forecast from 2022 to 2029 in terms of revenue, volume, growth rate and CAGR. This report targets Meditation volume and value at global level, regional level and company level. The Meditation … Read more