L’extrême droite au sein des Parlements européens : en Allemagne, l’AfD entre présence parlementaire et contre-attaques démocratiques – Fondation Jean-Jaurès

Lextreme droite au sein des Parlements europeens en Allemagne

Comment les forces démocratiques en Allemagne réagissent-ils à la présence de l’AfD au sein du Bundestag et des parlements régionaux ? Wolfgang Schroeder, professeur de sciences politiques à l’Université de Kassel et ancien secrétaire d’État au ministère du travail (2009-2014), livre son analyse de la situation outre-Rhin, dans le cadre d’un travail comparatif avec l’Autriche, … Read more

CCXP22 closes the second day with the presence of Tenoch Huerta – aromesdunetasse.fr

CCXP22 closes the second day with the presence of Tenoch

The day’s packed program enthused the audience, filled the stands and created queues to meet their favorite artists. Pop culture fans are thrilled with CCXP22’s extensive lineup. During the day, it was possible to see the public flocking to Expo São Paulo to visit booth activations, get a close look at their idols, buy exclusive … Read more

L’Avent : « conversion à une présence qui vient apporter la paix », par Mgr Follo – ZENIT – Francais

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

« Le temps de l’Avent: temps de conversion à une présence qui vient pour apporter la paix » : c’est le titre de la méditation proposée par Mgr Francesco Follo, observateur permanent du Saint-Siège à l’Unesco, pour ce dimanche 27 novembre 2022, premier dimanche de l’Avent. Le temps de l’Avent: temps de conversion à une … Read more

Science, Consciousness and Presence: Meditation on Participation in the Fez Festival of Sufi Culture

Science Consciousness and Presence Meditation on Participation in the Fez

Written by Abd-al-Wadoud Gouraud and Abd-al-Haqq Guiderdoni | Monday, November 21, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. © Fez Festival of Sufi Culture We both had the honor of being invited, as representatives of the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IHEI), to the Fez Festival of Sufi Culture, which took place from October 22 to 29 on … Read more

Morlaix – Registrations up, presence of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse… Saint-Pol – Morlaix is ​​in good shape for its 50th edition!

Morlaix Registrations up presence of Pierre Ambroise Bosse Saint Pol

After a 2020 edition canceled due to the covid pandemic and a 2021 vintage which saw it change format, the Saint-Pol – Morlaix, one of the oldest road races in France, returns this Sunday, November 6. A 50th high-flying edition, sponsored by Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, 2017 world champion in the 800m. “It’s unbelievable what is happening. … Read more

Dialogues with Enric Benito. Interview 02: “The therapeutic power of PRESENCE”

From Rehuno Health (Rehuno Salud) and in joint work with the organization ‘At the end of life’ (At the end of the Vida) we talk with Dr. Enric Benito about humanizing the end-of-life process. On the taboos that exist, what is a good death, palliative care and other questions around the accompaniment of these important … Read more

Les Sables-d’Olonne Vendee. Spotlight on Advertising, Signs and Visual Presence

Les Sables dOlonne Vendee Spotlight on Advertising Signs and Visual Presence

On May 2, 2022, in City Council, a debate took place onTHE GENERAL GUIDELINES OF THE LOCAL INTERCOMMUNAL ADVERTISING REGULATIONS (RLPI) The land development projects of the Agglomeration aim to be based on a balance, with on the one hand protection of the living environment and landscapes, while preserving freedom of expression on the other.It … Read more