CCXP22 closes the second day with the presence of Tenoch Huerta –

The day’s packed program enthused the audience, filled the stands and created queues to meet their favorite artists.

Pop culture fans are thrilled with CCXP22’s extensive lineup. During the day, it was possible to see the public flocking to Expo São Paulo to visit booth activations, get a close look at their idols, buy exclusive items and see the main signs at each stage. Cinemark Club’s Stage Thunder hasn’t moved since this morning to watch the conversation with actor Tenoch Huerta. At Artists’ Valley, it was possible to see and speak with big names in national and international comics and even win a signed poster of the author and cartoonist Ciça, winner of the year of the Artists’ Valley .

“We are living through a historic edition of the CCXP. You can see the sparkle in the eyes of everyone who walks around here. The weather is as good as it gets and we can’t wait to experience what is the biggest pop culture event in the world over the next few days,” said Roberto Fabri, Vice President of Content and one of CCXP’s curators. .

On Cinemark Club’s Thunder Stage, just after the match between Brazil and Cameroon was shown, Jovem Nerd and Azaghal have already adapted the end of the match with the panel in collaboration with Spotify. They presented a new project called “Franca eo labirdo”, an original podcast from the platform itself, an entirely Brazilian production, with a script developed by the duo over more than 2 years. It will be an immersive audio adventure, in which they promise to take the listener into the body of the main character, Nelson França, a blind detective. After an exclusive audio teaser made for CCXP22, the two shouted Selton Mello on stage, who provided the voice of the main character of this new project and was greeted with great enthusiasm by the audience. These will be 30-minute podcast episodes slated for release in 2023.

To close the day, Marcelo Forlani and Maria Bopp took the stage to animate the panel dedicated to Tenoch Huerta. They started talking about the character that the Mexican native actor plays in the Marvel Universe, Namor, who appears in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After. Tenoch Huerta came on stage and was greeted with great enthusiasm by the audience. The chat took place in “portunhol” in honor of the Latin American peoples, as represented by Tenoch in the Marvel universe. The actor commented on what it was like for him to see the changes Marvel made to Black Panther, to adapt and honor the Aztec culture and therefore the peoples of Latin America. Very moved, the public trembles according to the conversation.

At Palco Creators, the cosplay parade brought together many fans, like Julius Caesar, cosplayer for more than 15 years and winner this Friday: “I must admit that I still have butterflies in my stomach. When you go on stage, until now, at the time of the awards ceremonies, you wonder if it will work. It’s great, being here is always very exciting, you know? All this structure they are preparing for cosplay is amazing. I’m very happy with the victory and enjoying it here with the guys! The Só 1 Minutinho Show hosted by Ed Gama and Estevam Nabote was also watched. There were hours of play, audience interaction, and lots of laughs. This Thursday, the guests were: Rafael Studart, Jhonny Drummond, Jovem Nerd and Azaghal, João Kleber, Esdrass Comedy, Supla, Niny Magalhães and Renata Said. Friday evening ended with two great shows: Carol Biazin, who opened the evening with the song Rolê and Tentação. Finally, Supercombo rocked the crowd with their greatest hits.

On the Ultra stage, Crunchyroll exclusively streamed the first episode of four anime set to release in 2023. “Reincarnation of Anotherworld’s Strongest Exorcist” will air in January 2023; “Fruit of Evolution 2 – Before I Knew It, My Life Had Made It” is slated for January 2023; The second season of ‘In/Spectre’ will be released in January 2023; closing the announcements, ‘Ayaka – A Story of Bonds and Wounds’ has no fixed release date, but it will be in 2023. At the end of the day, publisher JBC announced the Brazilian release of the highly anticipated manga ‘ Fênix’, by author Osamu Tezuka, considered one of the greatest classics of the genre.

At Artists’ Valley, the movement was intense until the end of the day, with crowds lining up at tables until the end of the day. Jefferson Costa, cartoonist and author of “Roseira, Medalha, Engenho e outros Histórias” served the fans who were waiting for him. The Castro Brothers table was a huge hit and drew crowds to the place. Later, Eduardo Santos spoke of the emotion of meeting Carlos Ruas, cartoonist and author of Um Saturday Any, Mundo Avesso and Cães e Gatos: “Carlos Ruas’ comics are a classic that I love, everyone knows his work, which is amazing is”


On the Bento stage, CCXP22 cosplay parade judges Uiu Wiru, Kiki Belico, and Sirius talked about careers in cosplay, offering tips for getting started, challenges, and incentives. Although it was held at the same time as Brazil’s World Cup match, the place continued to pump, with no empty seats. The universe of K-Dramas was the penultimate panel on stage at 2. For the talk, the guests were the “k-dramas” Érica Imenes, Carol Pardini, Pri Ganiko and Babi Dewet. To conclude the second day of CCXP22, Palco Bentô hosted a conference with the voice actors of Bluelock. They are: Marcus Pejon (Voice of Yoichi); Fabricio Vila Verde (voice of Sae); Lucas Gama (voice of Hyoma) and Mattheus Caliano (voice of Meguru).

It’s not just Counter-Strike that lives in Tribo Game Arena. In addition to the traditional shooting game, the public got into the World Cup atmosphere and followed a series of FIFA 23 matches. It was then Gaules’ turn to take the stage and receive the ” congratulations” from the Tribe on his birthday. “It’s a dream to be able to do more things every year. It’s amazing to see the whole tribe on stage at the CCXP games. And today, on my birthday, it’s my gift to be here with you,” the streamer said.

Arena Podcast made it possible for those less passionate about football to follow Nada Podcast’s Falando Group which brings news and innovations from the world of cinema. Michel Arouca and the voice of the Oscar, Aline Diniz, debated the “breaking news” of the seventh art and answered questions from the public on releases and favorite films. At the end of the second day of the arena, comedian Ronald Rios and the neurotics ensured a good laugh with the Puro Neurosis Podcast, which evoked the doubts and memories of the nerd universe.


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CCXP22 closes the second day with the presence of Tenoch Huerta –

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