Meditation on the Solemnity of Saint Mary, Mother of God: “Let yourself be surprised by God” – Vatican News

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

The Jesuit father Antoine Kerhuel introduces us to meditation, with the readings of the Solemnity of Saint Mary, Mother of God. First reading: Num 6, 22-27 Psalm: Ps 66 (67), 2-3, 5, 6.8 Second reading: Ga 4, 4-7 Gospel: Lk 2, 16-21 In this 1er January 2023, we celebrate Mary, Mother of God. We also … Read more

Mary, “Mother of the God of Peace”, by Bishop Francesco Follo – ZENIT – English

Mary Mother of the God of Peace by Bishop Francesco

“Today’s solemnity does not celebrate an abstract idea, but a mystery and a historical fact: Jesus Christ, divine person, born of the Virgin Mary who is his true Mother”. In his meditation on the texts of the liturgy for this Sunday, January 1, 2023, solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Msgr. Francesco … Read more

New Biden family member Mary C. Neal ‘died and went to heaven’ in 1999 – CNET – ApparelGeek

New Biden family member Mary C Neal died and went

And you thought Hunter Biden’s drug addicts took him on out-of-body experiments! The newest member of Joe Biden’s extended family thinks she went to heaven in 1999 when she ‘drowned’ while kayaking – and said God’s pearly gates were so amazing she “did not want to return to earth”. President Joe Biden’s granddaughter – Hunter’s … Read more

Saint Ildefonso of Toledo: defender of the virginity of Mary

Saint Ildefonso of Toledo defender of the virginity of Mary

Born in Toledo, around 607, of Gothic parents, he was first a monk then Abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Cosme-et-Saint-Damien d’Agali, near Toledo. He then became Archbishop of Toledo in 657. He died in 667. He wrote a Defense of the perpetual virginity of Mary. This writing ends with a long prayer of which here … Read more

Mary Carmen Jähnke, vegan cheesemaker at Jay & Joy

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Dilemma: How to continue to eat cheese, when we are convert to veganism ? It is to this difficult question that Mary Carmen Jähnke confronted herself, who, despite being a native of Venezuela, is nonetheless steeped in culture French. “France adopted me. I couldn’t live in cheese country without eating it! she shouts happily. So … Read more

Biblical meditation: “Mary chose the best part”

How to live 24 hours a day with the Holy

Sunday July 17, four texts will be read.First reading Book of Genesis (Gn 18, 1-10a).Psalm 14.Second reading Letter of Saint Paul to the Colossians (Col 1, 24-28).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 10, 38-42). Luke 10, 38-42 “At that time Jesus entered a village. A woman named Marthe received him. She had a sister … Read more

Understanding the Feast of Blessed Mary, Mother of the Church

“Mother of the Church” since the IXe century Where to find the premises of this assertion? Saint Augustine and Saint Leo the Great, two fathers of the Church, glimpse its outlines. The first says that Mary is “the mother of the members of Christ “. ” The whole community of the faithful was begotten with … Read more