Nantes vineyard. The Canaries Sud 44 feast with FC Nantes in the European Cup

The Canaris Sud 44 association, during its general assembly on September 9, in Mouzillon. ©HSM

The general meeting of the FC Nantes supporters association, South Canaries 44, was scheduled on friday september 9in Mouzillon (in the Nantes vineyard) the very day after the match Europa Leagueopposing the FC Nantes at theOlympiacos (2-1 win).

Needless to say, the faces of the 95 members outlined beautiful smiles that breathed the victory of the yellow house, dear to their hearts.

“Family state of mind”

Nadine Gravoille, president of the association, recalled the essential role of its members : “A member of Canaris Sud 44, must be ready and available to do the pre-match entertainment defined if necessary by FC Nantes. You may be called upon to distribute magazines, programs or flags. Sometimes we prepare the setting up of the tifos in the Océane stand according to requests, and distribute make-up. When the players’ buses arrive, we also distribute flags to the supporters located in front of the shop so that they form a guard of honour. »

The president of the association made a point of evoking the beautiful atmosphere that characterizes the structure.

The true values ​​of Canaris Sud 44 are love and respect for the club and its opponents. We are in a family spirit, based on exchange, sharing and conviviality. Let’s not forget our primary mission is to be at the service of our favorite club and to proudly wear its colors very high.

Nadine Gravoire, president of the association

“The club has reached a new milestone”

For their part, the supporters found renewed motivation. “We had already thrilled a lot when Nantes won the Coupe de France, we were thrilled, but there, the club took a new step by returning to European Cup matches. During Nantes’ victory against the Greeks of Olympiakos, the twelfth man on the pitch was first of all coach Antoine Kombouaré, and the thirteenth man was the entire Beaujoire stadium. »

The magic of matches thus returned, on the lawn as in the stands.

It’s been so long since we felt the stadium vibrate like that, it was fantastic, magical, extraordinary. Everyone sang, encouraged the players and it paid off, we won one of the most important matches that will remain etched in the history of the club and in our memories.

FC Nantes supporters

“Thank you to the Kita family”

The members of Canaris Sud 44 would like to congratulate the club on its recruitmenteven if they fear that the workforce poses difficulties to cope with an overloaded schedule of several matches per week.

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“The new arrivals have adapted and the old ones have confirmed, note the members of the association. Evann Guessand, Mostafa Mohamed, Ignatius Ganago, Moussa Sissoko made a great entry. They had little time to adapt. The old ones did the job like Ludovic Blas, Quentin Merlin and all the others. Thanks to the Kita family for keeping Antoine Kombouaré as our coach. Thanks to him, we find hope and fervor. We are just very afraid of being a little tight in terms of the workforce if, unfortunately, some players were to be injured or suspended.

The Canaris Sud 44, which had chartered three coaches for the French Cup final in Saint-Denisstart dreaming and think of book three planes to encourage FC Nantes in the European Cup, hoping that it will go as far as possible in this competition.

“Finally, let’s not sulk our pleasure, to see the FCN win the Coupe de France and remake the front page of the newspapers, including that of the Team, for its European return it is the Holy Grail”, conclude the faithful of the canaries.

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Nantes vineyard. The Canaries Sud 44 feast with FC Nantes in the European Cup

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