The astrological symbolism of the planets: a key to understanding yourself and others better

The astrological symbolism of the planets a key to understanding

In astrology, each planet is associated with specific symbolism that can tell us a lot about our personality, motivations, and needs. This symbolism comes from observing the characteristics of each planet and its place in the solar system. By becoming aware of these symbols, we can better understand our behaviors, our strengths and our weaknesses, … Read more

Understanding this Moroccan “niya” relayed by the media during the 2022 World Cup

Understanding this Moroccan niya relayed by the media during the

hasHAS It’s thanks to Walid Regragui! He used niya to motivate and boost its footballers. As a good coach, he was empathetic and drew from Moroccan culture the name of a common concept, which modern coaching names differently. Regragui’s messages to his team, calling for belief in niya, were picked up by the media that … Read more

Understanding the Feast of Blessed Mary, Mother of the Church

“Mother of the Church” since the IXe century Where to find the premises of this assertion? Saint Augustine and Saint Leo the Great, two fathers of the Church, glimpse its outlines. The first says that Mary is “the mother of the members of Christ “. ” The whole community of the faithful was begotten with … Read more

Spirituality: The five openings of consciousness, a tool for understanding oneself

In these unusual times when division seems relatively present, I wanted to write on a subject that is little treated in society: our inner nature. In fact, to get along, you have to be able to understand yourself, and to understand yourself, it can be useful to get to know others better, how they work … Read more