NBA – “LeBron will drop the Lakers and get out there”

Discussions around a future departure of LeBron James have become more democratic lately, all the more so following the King’s recent incendiary outings. A famous analyst thus thinks he knows his intentions, as well as his dream destination! While his contract at the Lakers will end in just one year, rumors have logically begun to … Read more

What if meditation helped you drop your phone?

What if meditation helped you drop your phone

The recovery in September confirms the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic has permanently disrupted working methods. Close to 20,000 teleworking agreements have been signed in recent months in France, and teleworking has even made its appearance in the public sector. The fact of being physically distant from the offices and of no longer meeting … Read more

Stop whatever you are doing. On name drop athletes of the 2000s – Curved Ball

Stop whatever you are doing On name drop athletes of

My colleague from LaPresse+, Alexandre Pratt, made me dive into nostalgia on Friday morning. You can kind of see me as a millennial Michel Barrette. I’m nostalgic for what happened to me last week. The columnist of the Montreal daily likes to offer us “statistics that will blow our brains”. On Friday, he opted instead … Read more