Curved buttocks in 2023: you will succumb to these 3 variants of yoga

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No more broken resolutions and empty New Year’s promises in January, we’re better than that, right? Admit! When we say on the evening of the 31st: “I’m getting into sport this year”, very often the idea of ​​the monotonous treadmill and the tasteless weight room makes us change our option directos on January 1st and … Read more

Stop whatever you are doing. On name drop athletes of the 2000s – Curved Ball

Stop whatever you are doing On name drop athletes of

My colleague from LaPresse+, Alexandre Pratt, made me dive into nostalgia on Friday morning. You can kind of see me as a millennial Michel Barrette. I’m nostalgic for what happened to me last week. The columnist of the Montreal daily likes to offer us “statistics that will blow our brains”. On Friday, he opted instead … Read more