NBA – “LeBron will drop the Lakers and get out there”

Discussions around a future departure of LeBron James have become more democratic lately, all the more so following the King’s recent incendiary outings. A famous analyst thus thinks he knows his intentions, as well as his dream destination!

While his contract at the Lakers will end in just one year, rumors have logically begun to arise concerning his future there. LeBron James in any case maintains the vagueness of his future in Los Angeles, and will be able to freely join another franchise within a year. A prospect that does not seem to worry Jeanie Buss too much, who would in no way wish to take advantage of its value by trading it this summer.

Well established in the City of Angels, the King could still be tempted by a final challenge elsewhere, just to expand his record a little more before ending his career. His latest statements go in this direction, since he dropped a big call with his foot to two top-teams…including Golden State. And it would not be a trivial act for Colin Cowherd.

LeBron James on his way to Golden State?

In his show The HerdCowherd returned to this seduction operation launched by LeBron, whose plans could not be clearer:

It’s called provoking fate. And I think that’s what LeBron James is trying to do having spoken twice about wanting to play with the Warriors and Steph Curry. I think he’s trying to provoke fate and make it happen.

Indeed, LBJ was not satisfied with a single speech of the kind, and also affirmed that he would love to play with a specific Dubs star. So many signals not very discreet sent in the direction of the franchise of the Bay, and which would necessarily have a hidden goal coming from a spirit as sharp as that of the Chosen One. Moreover, the liabilities of the latter would give even more credit to this scenario according to the US journalist:

LeBron is a smart guy. He is the first active billionaire player in history. He knows how to manage his business. He dropped his city of Cleveland twice, he dropped Pat Riley and his best friend Dwyane Wade (in Miami). You don’t think he’s going to let the Lakers down?

A question he seems sure he knows the answer to. However, for Bron to achieve his goals, the Warriors will necessarily have to show interest in his services. This shouldn’t be a problem in Cowherd’s eyes:

His contract ends in a year. You really don’t think he’s going to walk away from the Warriors? Golden State could use a bit of a break from Steph Curry and Klay Thompson with a dynamic athlete. After all, LeBron still led the NBA in 2-point percentage this season.

Accustomed to fanfare starts, LeBron James is about to do it again according to Colin Cowherd, who already sees him putting on the Warriors jersey. Before that, a new perilous season awaits him at the Lakers!

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NBA – “LeBron will drop the Lakers and get out there”

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