The NBA is unanimous, the successor to LeBron James has already been found

The NBA is unanimous the successor to LeBron James has.webp

NBA The NBA is unanimous, the successor to LeBron James has already been found Published on October 20, 2022 at 12:35 p.m. LeBron James has reached the heights of the NBA by meeting the expectations placed on him from his beginnings in the elite of American basketball. As for his succession, it seems that it … Read more

[ITW] NBA All-Star Names: “A nickname means more than it seems”

ITW NBA All Star Names A nickname means more than it

Both basketball fans Vincent Reculeau and Adrien Pommepuy embarked on a great adventure: writing a book. “NBA All-Star Names”, published by Amphora, looks back on the most iconic and original nicknames in NBA history. We were able to talk with Vincent (writing) and Adrien (illustrations) about this project and their love for nicknames. BasketSession: Can … Read more

NBA – “I saw Wembanyama play, I could have left after 5 minutes”

NBA I saw Wembanyama play I could have left

With his prowess on American territory, Victor Wembanyama has pocketed an impressive number of observers. However, this is also the case on the side of the leaders, who have been full of praise for him. The Athletic collected a rather crazy anthology. He was eagerly awaited during his visit to the United States, he who … Read more

NBA – LeBron: “If I saw my mother in this situation, I would kill her”

NBA LeBron If I saw my mother in this

We Promise (DR) / NBA (DR) Compared to Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, LeBron James is often described as “soft” by his detractors… But this image could quickly change, since the King would also be ready to do anything to win a match, including attacking his mother. When we think of the greatest competitors of … Read more

NBA – Huge lie around Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley?!

NBA Huge lie around Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley

CrunchTime (DR) / NBA (DR) Since they are teammates at the Lakers, Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook suggest that they would have buried their long beef of several years. But some strongly doubt it, including among the elders of the Purples and Golds. An ex-champion notably degummed their speech recently. We could be scared about … Read more

NBA: 10 good reasons to follow the Sacramento Kings this season

NBA 10 good reasons to follow the Sacramento Kings this

Who says resumption of the NBA season says need for motivation. And who says need for motivation says…? Find good reasons! For each team of the 2022-23 season, we wanted to be useful, helpful, and a little funny if the subject allows it. Here are the 10 good reasons to follow the Sacramento Kings over … Read more

NBA – Rivalry with Luka Doncic? A key member of the Clippers answers cash!

Why walking is a good exercise to lose weight

The Clippers are Luka Doncic’s sworn enemies, given their shared background. Some also whispered that he would maintain a real rivalry with a player from the City of Angels… Asked about it, the person clearly took a stand. He may have failed against the Warriors in the conference final, this year, it is clearly not … Read more

NBA – “LeBron was outraged by Kyrie’s immaturity”

Almost promised to join the Lakers for a few hours, Kyrie Irving should finally continue his journey to the Nets. A decision that should not please LeBron James, and even less given the recent revelations delivered about his opinion of Uncle Drew! Hope swelled stratospherically in a matter of hours, and faded even faster. The … Read more

NBA – The priority of the Lakers this summer to strengthen revealed!

Unsurprisingly, we can expect action from the Lakers during the summer. The franchise absolutely needs to improve its roster, especially in a still rich Western Conference. We also know more about the priority of the front office, which identified the desired profile to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the future. After a largely … Read more

NBA – “LeBron will drop the Lakers and get out there”

Discussions around a future departure of LeBron James have become more democratic lately, all the more so following the King’s recent incendiary outings. A famous analyst thus thinks he knows his intentions, as well as his dream destination! While his contract at the Lakers will end in just one year, rumors have logically begun to … Read more