NBA – “LeBron was outraged by Kyrie’s immaturity”

Almost promised to join the Lakers for a few hours, Kyrie Irving should finally continue his journey to the Nets. A decision that should not please LeBron James, and even less given the recent revelations delivered about his opinion of Uncle Drew! Hope swelled stratospherically in a matter of hours, and faded even faster. The … Read more

NBA – The priority of the Lakers this summer to strengthen revealed!

Unsurprisingly, we can expect action from the Lakers during the summer. The franchise absolutely needs to improve its roster, especially in a still rich Western Conference. We also know more about the priority of the front office, which identified the desired profile to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the future. After a largely … Read more

NBA – “LeBron will drop the Lakers and get out there”

Discussions around a future departure of LeBron James have become more democratic lately, all the more so following the King’s recent incendiary outings. A famous analyst thus thinks he knows his intentions, as well as his dream destination! While his contract at the Lakers will end in just one year, rumors have logically begun to … Read more

NBA – The big challenge launched to Anthony Davis by the coach of the Lakers!

Disappointing this year, Anthony Davis will be expected at the turn from next October. This also concerns his new coach, who recently addressed a real challenge to The Brow. This is precisely its biggest weak point… Officially become the new coach of the Lakers, Darvin Ham has his work cut out for him. The 2004 … Read more

NBA: Nikola Jokic officially named MVP of the season for the second year in a row

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was officially named the NBA’s best regular-season player for the second year in a row on Wednesday. He becomes the 13th to sign to retain his title from one year to the next. After the announcement in the media three days ago, the NBA made the news official on Wednesday. … Read more

Nikola Jokic, the Serbian “Joker” who dominates the NBA

Published on : 05/13/2022 – 13:03 Star of the Denver Nuggets team, Serbian pivot Nikola Jokic has been crowned best player of the NBA regular season for the second time in a row. Formerly obese, he managed to become one of the greatest basketball players in the world. From the top of his 2.11 meters, … Read more

Where does the NBA punchline on Cancún come from? A look back at the origins of a destination that has become a benchmark for eliminated teams

Where does the NBA punchline on Cancun come from A

When a team ends its season (in regular or in Playoffs), we often have this reflex to wish it a good vacation in Cancún. But why Cancun? Where does this expression come from, which is always present in specialized articles or even on TV sets? A little backtracking to find out. Cancún, Mexican city known … Read more

NBA: Nikola Jokic MVP for the 2nd season in a row

How do you say “back-to-back” in Serbian? “Drugi put zaredom!”. Nikola Jokic, the embodiment of the dominance of foreign basketball players in the NBA and the era of ultra-versatile giants, became the 13th player in history to be named regular season MVP for the second season in a row. Aged 27, the Denver Nuggets pivot … Read more

NBA: “Drugi put zaredom!”, Nikola Jokic MVP for the second season in a row

The Serbian international pivot from Denver was crowned best player of the regular season by a short head ahead of the Cameroonian post 5 Joel Embiid. How do you say “back to backin Serbian? “Drugi put zaredom!“. Nikola Jokic, the embodiment of the dominance of foreign basketball players in the NBA and the era of … Read more