Loir et Cher. Montoire Festival: the meeting of world cultures

The Montoire festival will open its 49th edition on August 10. ©Archives.

From wednesday 10 to Monday, August 15, 2022 will take place on Festival from Montoire (Loir et Cher). The opportunity to establish a dialogue and to try to understand the common points and the differences which make the richness of the people.

Montoire and its territory have been welcoming, for nearly 50 years, women and men representing a cultural diversity which everyone can feed on and which gives the town of Montoire a leading role in the field of culture.

Exceptional troops

Despite the difficulties of all kinds that impact international relations, the festival will bring together ten troupes, including those from countries that are bearing the brunt of the current international crisis: Ukraine of course, but also its neighbors which are on the one hand the Moldova and on the other hand, the Poland.

From the beginning of the hostilities, during their general assembly, the organizers of the Festival had shown unfailing solidarity with regard to these hard-hit peoples. As announced then, Philippe Proustthe president of the Festival, the cossacks of Ukraine who appear on the poster will remain there no matter what. The presence of this exceptional troupe will allow the public to discover and applaud not only the cultural tradition it represents, but also the courage of a people who are fighting to preserve it.

Poland will be represented by the song and dance ensemble ” Lublin which will bring its warm freshness and vigour.

All ” Hora Horita from Moldova has already come to Montoire in 2013. The public then appreciated his joie de vivre, his great technical mastery and the quality of his musicians.

Panama present for the first time

Latin America will be represented by the national ballet of songs and dances of Panama. Present for the first time in Montoire, it will offer a panorama of the culture of this country which mixes Spanish, African and Amerindian traditions.

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The folk group Paraguay Rekove », for its part, will honor Indian and Métis traditions.

Paris Taiko together » will present the art of the Japanese drum, all at once music, martial art, meditation and dance.

Benja Gazy », a troop from Madagascar, brings together representatives of various artistic disciplines; it presents songs and dances from the six Malagasy provinces.

Absolutely legless was founded in 1997 by dancers and musicians from Edinburgh, Irish descent; these transport the public to the great Celtic festivals and recall the warm atmosphere of Saint Patrick’s Day.

The Galicia will be represented by Xacarandaina », a troupe from the Corunawhich offers a panorama of the folklore of its region punctuated by the “gaïtas” (Galician bagpipes).

France represented

It will be incumbent upon the Merry Vendeans to represent the France and to perpetuate the ancestral wealth of their land. Created in 1963this group has given itself the mission of transmitting the music, songs and dances of the Vendée bocage.

This 49th edition of the Montoire Festival will provide proof of the incredible richness of cultures and traditions that each people must strive to preserve and make known and that each human being must respect.

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Loir et Cher. Montoire Festival: the meeting of world cultures

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