CES 2023: Chrysler unveils a concept with an AI-powered autonomous assistant – CNET France

CES 2023 Chrysler unveils a concept with an AI powered autonomous

Stellantis, Chrysler’s parent company, came to CES 2023 with a brand new futuristic concept. Just as it did last year with the Airflow Concept EV, with durable materials and advanced technology, the company presents its idea of ​​the car of the future: the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit. As its name suggests, the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit is … Read more

French excellence: concept 1900, the laws of attraction

French excellence concept 1900 the laws of attraction

At the head of the Saint-Gobain merry-go-round factory in Aisne for forty years, Philippe Legrain now reigns over the world market for retro carousels. His job is to offer dreams to young and old. Two minutes and thirty seconds of happiness, the precise time of a carousel ride. With his French company, Concept 1900, and … Read more

PICTURES. Nancy: a “big festive bar” has opened its doors with a unique concept

PICTURES Nancy a big festive bar has opened its doors

By Amandine Mehl Published on 12 Sep 22 at 18:36 Lorraine News See my news Follow this media In Nancy, 22 rue Saint-Dizier now houses the Ruin Bär. (©Amandine Mehl/ Lorraine Actu/ DR) After the Majestic, the Café des Anges or the 915 Kaffe, 22 rue Saint-Dizier in Nancy now hosts the Ruin Bar. The … Read more

Le concept des anges et leur relation avec les gens – europeantimes.news

Le concept des anges et leur relation avec les gens

« Je crois en un seul Dieu le Père, Tout-Puissant, Créateur du ciel et de la terre, de toutes les choses visibles et invisibles” (Symbole de la Foi) Par le mot invisible du premier article du Credo, il faut entendre le monde invisible ou spirituel auquel appartiennent les anges. Les anges sont des esprits, des … Read more

Lenovo Yoga Slim i7 Carbon: a beautiful ultraportable that assumes its concept

Lenovo Yoga Slim i7 Carbon a beautiful ultraportable that assumes

An adorable ultraportable that will delight lovers of small formats. Today we discover the Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon, an elegant ultraportable that is all about mobility, even if it means making a few concessions. Is this the future best friend of great adventurers? Here are some answers. Even before having correctly observed the machine, there … Read more

Capital: a new concept of hiking exasperates the twittos

Capital a new concept of hiking exasperates the twittos

Screenshot M6 Direct/Capital This Sunday, August 7, 2022 in Capital on M6, viewers were able to discover new vacation concepts and nature activities. Among them, a tower designed for hiking and reaching a beautiful panorama without suffering. A curiosity located in Alsace, which has pissed off many Twitter users. This Sunday, August 7, 2022, Capital … Read more