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Stellantis, Chrysler’s parent company, came to CES 2023 with a brand new futuristic concept. Just as it did last year with the Airflow Concept EV, with durable materials and advanced technology, the company presents its idea of ​​the car of the future: the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit. As its name suggests, the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit is not a complete car, but an interior concept. Here Chrysler offers a kind of almost empty cockpit in which the passenger seats seem to float. The interior materials are sustainable: recycled post-industrial and ocean plastics as well as a walnut floor.

The concept is essentially there to present the futuristic technologies used by the Stellantis/Chrysler duo and bearing the code name of the parent company: STLA. The STLA Brain, STLA Smart Cockpit and STLA AutoDrive software platforms are integrated into the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit to create what designers call: “harmony of movement”.

A digest of technology for the autonomous car of tomorrow

Each component provides the concept with the functions it needs to drive in complete autonomy. Its “brain” is directed by STLA-Brain, it connects the entertainment system to the overall electric vehicle that will eventually be built around the main cabin. The entertainment system itself is controlled by STLA Smart Cockpit. This is the user interface. It is made up of two full-length screens replacing the dashboard, they are arranged on a sculpted black glass panel just under a meter long. It also has an AI whose goal is to learn your habits and adapt over time.

In order to highlight its cockpit and its functions, Chrysler invites spectators to discover the life of a user of its concept of the future. The video therefore shows how the integrated AI greets the occupant of the vehicle by presenting him with the planned route to get to where he needs to go. This route is based on the preferences of the user (can we still talk about driver?) learned or provided to the system. To better adapt to the person who sits in the driver’s seat, the system uses biometric data recognition. He can thus get in tune with each member of the family (or the company if it is a company vehicle).

CES 2023 Chrysler unveils a concept with an AI powered autonomous

To add a little more spice, you can connect your vehicle to your smart home. So when you return to your home, the AI ​​automatically launches the wake-up functions (turning on the heating, opening or closing the shutters, switching on certain lamps, etc.). The concept uses sustainable and recycled materials.

As you can see from the concept photos provided by Chrysler/Stellantis, the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit does not offer no steering wheel. Auto-driving is governed by the platform STLA AutoDrive. According to the manufacturer, detaching the driver from driving will free up the dashboard to open it up to new technologies and innovative features that can be updated automatically. The driver therefore becomes multitasking: conference calls, productivity, or quite simply fun activities in the case of families.

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Moreover, in the latter case, the manufacturer has thought of everything and offers two specific modes for its passengers: chill and fun. Chill will offer you to do meditation sessions or relax. Fun will allow you to embark on frenzied karaoke with the family or play video games. Stellantis’ ultimate goal is to produce only ranges of electric vehicles by 2028. At the same time, Chrysler will be the first brand in North America to use STLA technologies.

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CES 2023: Chrysler unveils a concept with an AI-powered autonomous assistant – CNET France

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