Secret Story, Les Marseillais, Les Anges… What has become of the former reality TV stars?

Have you also forgotten these candidates who, at the time, had marked reality TV? Well know that we conducted a little investigation to find out what became of them! We all have our little darlings in reality TV. Yes oh it’s ok, don’t pretend! You too, there is bound to be a candidate in all … Read more

Ce n’est pas idiot de croire aux anges !

Ce nest pas idiot de croire aux anges

L’Ange au Sourire | © Les amis de la Cathédrale de Reims Qui sont les anges ? Un mélange de magie païenne et de matérialisme ambiant amènent à de fausses idées sur ces créatures célestes. C’est un monde fascinant qui mérite notre attention. L’ange est un « messager » ou « délégué » (du grec ἄγγελος « Angelos »issu de l’hébreu mal’akh). … Read more

Les Marseillais, Les Anges, Secret Story… A look back at the most significant departures from these shows

Les Marseillais Les Anges Secret Story A look back at

By thessamen – Posted on 23 Dec 2021 at 10:00 What are the departures that have marked reality TV the most? We invite you to discover it in pictures! Departures are often great television moments! They cause sadness, anger and are sometimes the source of a feeling of injustice. In any case, they never leave … Read more