Art lives in the city: 4 new frescoes in Flénu, Havré, Saint-Denis and Mons

The route now includes some sixty works by international artists as well as Belgian muralists and graffiti artists. Supported by many figures of Urban Art, Art inhabits the City reinforces the dynamism and attractiveness of public spaces and participates in making art accessible by integrating original works in the street.

Through these urban installations, the objective is to invite citizens and visitors to take the time to (re)discover the city and take a fresh look at our beautiful city, improve the living environment, recreate the flow of shoppers in the commercial districts of the city and revitalize the villages.

Four new works

Currently, four new works are being prepared in Flénu, Havré, Saint-Denis and Mons:

1) Location: Avenue du Champ de Bataille 476 in Flénu

Date of intervention: from September 16 to 23.

Theme: Italian miners.

Title: Il minatore della miniera dicarbone Du Levant de Flénu.

Artist: Michaël Nicolaï (BE).

This mural fresco project on the theme of the coal mines of the Levant de Flénu resonates particularly with the artist’s work and childhood. During the long summer evenings, he reveled in the thrilling tales and working-class stories of his nonno and his nonna and their friends from Italy. With his partner on this project, the artist Soke, Michael wanted to represent the pride of these workers.

2) Location: rue Irma Fiévez (primary school) in Havré

Date of intervention: from September 20 to October 2.

Theme: Ambroise Paré.

Title: Tribute to Ambroise Paré – Portrait of the father of surgery.

Artist: Samuel Idmtal (BE).

Through this fresco, Samuel Idmtal, stencil painter, pays homage to Ambroise Paré. Considered the father of surgery, he notably invented many instruments that made it possible to develop a new cauterization technique and stayed at the Château d’Havré for two months during the winter of 1569-1570. From one cut to the next, the artist worked entirely on his stencil portrait, trying to keep the spirit and presence of the drawings of the time. He also wanted to collaborate with Kunlo, an artist from Brussels but who has a special link with Mons, having worked there for many years.

3) Location: rue de la Brisée 2 in Saint-Denis

Date of intervention: from September 20 to 29.

Theme: the Abbey of Saint-Denis.

Title: Saint Denis surreal.

Artist: Alessandra Carloni (IT).

With “Saint Denis surreal”, the artist makes direct reference to the abbey of Saint-Denis, interpreting the structure of the building in a surreal way. She uses details such as the arch or the tower. Together, with the mill of Saint-Denis, it represents them in levitation on a flying ground. The protagonist of the work is the water, which takes its source in the hands of the figure placed in height and flows all along the building.

4) Location: chemin des Mourdreux 2 in Mons

Date of intervention: from September 24 to October 1.

Theme: the angels of Mons.

Title: When the Angel Comes

Artist: Elisa Capdevilla Galiot (ES).

The work will represent the scene of the Battle of Mons during which the angels arrived to rescue the soldiers. The figure of the angel will be embodied by a war nurse wearing her typical clothes of the time. In a way, they can be considered true angels in times of war since they expose themselves to danger to treat the wounded. The sky will be an important element of the work, indicating that something special is taking place. This is why the soldiers, lying on the ground, will have their eyes fixed on the sky, while everything around them is devastated by battle.

Do not hesitate to meet the artists during their intervention phase. Also take the opportunity to (re)discover the last 8 works that have recently appeared in Mons territory.

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Art lives in the city: 4 new frescoes in Flénu, Havré, Saint-Denis and Mons

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