King Charles III: His horoscope sign tells us a lot about his temperament!

Like all natives of Scorpio, King Charles III has a fiery temper. Find out in this article.

If we refer to theastrology, the sign of a person determines his character. In this context, the natives of Scorpio are famous for their surly behavior and their quickness to lose their temper.

Such is the case for King Charles III. The monarch has been seen numerous times making angry gestures, especially towards his assistants.

King Charles III would be an angry man

According to his date of birth, King Charles III’s astrological sign is Scorpio. An aspect that already predicts his character. In effect, the water sign attributes different characteristics to the natives of this sign. It can be kindness as well as a fiery temper. Take as an example the lack of composure of the son of the late queen Elizabeth II.

Indeed, King Charles III is known to be angry. And when he is in this state, nothing and no one is spared. The new monarch of England has even already been the subject of controversy on this question. Also, he made a furious gesture to his aides during his proclamation on September 10, 2022.

Of course, viewers weren’t thrilled. It was the same for the queen consort Camilla who seemed to be offended by the situation. This native of Scorpio does not hesitate to sting. Indeed, this was not the first time that King Charles III lost his temper. Archive videos testifying to his character have also resurfaced. Obviously, the new monarch is not always used to being glorious vis-à-vis his staff. Likewise, he has trouble containing his nerves.

In addition, Clive Goodman, a royal expert, admitted that staff who do not follow the recommendations of King Charles III to the letter must expect reprisals. The natives of Scorpio are after all possessive, enemies of lies, sometimes jealous and do not like secrets at all. These people are the truest of zodiac signs.

What are the character traits of this sign?

Like the scorpion, animal symbol of the sign, the natives of this astrological sign are mysterious, enigmatic and indomitable. They can also sometimes be aggressive and dangerous. However, these people know how to be direct and frank. So they assert their ideas and do everything to get what they want. Just like the case of King Charles III.

As a reminder, the expert said that King Charles, being angry, removed the lever from the wall. He then threw her on the ground and shattered her into a thousand pieces. The cause is that he just needs to get all his anger out. It is therefore obvious that the Scorpio natives can lose control quickly. Likewise, they easily change moods.

Scorpios are also known for their beautiful values. These include generosity, willpower, perseverance and loyalty. They therefore hide an ultra-sensitive side behind their angry temperament. This may have something to do with their water element. On the relationship side, people with the same astrological sign as King Charles III show unconsciousness, intuition, feelings, emotion, but also sensitivity.

The natives of this sign are therefore empathetic and can feel much more than other zodiac signs. On the other hand, they find it difficult to stay in reality and live in the concrete. These people love to focus on their inner world where emotions and thoughts are repressed. On a family level, Scorpios like to be bossy and firm, just like King Charles III.

King Charles III: How is he really?

A native of Scorpio, King Charles III likes to be respected. He may therefore tend to show his strength in order to hide the fragile side of his character. However, behind the explosive and firm appearance hides a person who can easily be hurt during an argument. Also, Scorpios need the attention and love of their loved ones in order to feel fulfilled.

Professionally, the natives of this sign like King Charles III, are persevering. They therefore have a lot of ambition and are lucid. Moreover, they work efficiently. These people therefore do not have much difficulty in achieving their purpose. Obstacles and difficulties are a kind of challenge for them. They appreciate the recognition in return for their effort.

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King Charles III: His horoscope sign tells us a lot about his temperament!

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