Astrology: will the reign of King Charles III live up to expectations? Here is the answer

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Will Charles III be a good king? To find out if it will live up to the expectations of the British, astrology answers us!

After the death of Queen Elizabeth IIit is his son, the king Charles III ascending the thronee. But what do the stars predict about his coming reign? Born on November 14, 1948, Charles III has the astrological sign Scorpio. The character traits of this sign? Charisma, determination, will, sincerity and honesty. Charles III would therefore be endowed with a good sense of intuition and would often proof of composure. Two very useful qualities for a sovereign. The man is however also endowed with certain weaknesses because of his quality of Scorpio. He can frequently find himself on edge. The worst in this type of situation? Let him show up too resentful in the face of an annoyance. This toughness of character may also indicate his ability to defend his homeland and his people.

Will Prince Charles be a good king?

The reign of Charles III can also be read through his moon sign. His Moon, which represents his emotions, is in the sign of Taurus. Son of a mother whose Sun is in Taurus and knowing that the late queen was one of the most consistent rulers in history, Charles has an acquired notion of stability. This is then intended to be reassuring for the British. In addition, the clan and the family are two very important notions in the eyes of people whose moon sign is that of Taurus. His ascendant also says a lot about the monarch. This is directly reflected in the tabloid headlines that have impacted the Windsor family in recent decades. The Leo is passionate, who feels the need to live his life as he sees fit.. We understand that it must have been difficult for Charles to comply with the different protocols. Moreover, his ascendant is here closely linked with his sun sign. Charles resented the media exposure conferred on him by his royal position from an early age.

A determined but resentful Scorpio

Charles III’s Scorpio sun sign sometimes brings him a tendency to self-sabotage. The sovereign could be plagued by doubt. Scorpio sometimes struggles to show their true personality to others. Let’s hope for the new king that he will also know how to get advice if he faces questions. This sun sign also calls for a pragmatic and reliable behavior. Thus, there is no doubt that Charles III will know how to channel his emotions as the new King of England. The British can expect from this new king of the change for the crown of england. With this new accession to the throne, the monarchy could benefit from a certain modernity. Very close to his family, Charles could lend an attentive ear to his sons, William and Harry. They, too, have much to contribute to the country and its people.

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Astrology: will the reign of King Charles III live up to expectations? Here is the answer

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