Here’s Why King Charles III Will Have A Reign As Strong As His Late Mother, According To Astrology

After the Queen’s recent death Elizabeth II of England, the UK has a new king. Although the new sovereign of the British crown has not yet been crowned due to the mourning of his mother, the country will soon be able to salute who will be its new monarch, Charles III.

Astro: what is the astral configuration of Charles III?

Charles III was born on November 14, 1948, at 9:14 p.m. in London, United Kingdom. Eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and direct heir to the throne, his royal destiny was marked from his first breath.

Charles III has an astrological configuration with his main astrological elements (Sun, Moon and Ascending) in fixed signs. This gives him a solidity of character, which may indicate his ability to provide the stability that the English monarchy represents for his people.

If Charles has had some hot scandals in the past, it may be due to a certain dramatic component in his natal chart. His Moon, which represents his emotions, is in the sign of Taurus. Son of a mother whose Sun is in Taurus and knowing that the late queen was one of the most constant rulers in history, Charles has an acquired notion of stability and constancy which is reassuring.

We could attribute his past habit of making headlines for his scandals to his Sun and rising sign, which are Scorpio and Leo respectively. Both of these signs are passionate and need to live their lives as they see fit. Follow the rules of an institution that dictated his behavior must have been very difficult for such a personality.

What can we expect from Charles III’s reign as sovereign?

Pluto, planet of transformation and secrets, is on the ascendant of Charles in difficult aspect with its Sun in Scorpio. This planet is also the ruler of the sun sign of the future king of England. This explains why Charles took so badly the media exposure that his royal position conferred on him from an early age. He is a man who loves secrets and who has therefore agreed to live his great love affair with the queen consort, Camilla Parker Bowles, in hiding. It must be said that the planet Venus of Charles is conjunct Neptune, which makes him an incurable romantic when he is in love.

His truncated marriage with the deceased Diana SpencerPrincess of Wales, gave her a very bad image and led to a crisis of the monarchy in the 1990s. The strength of her astrological chart allowed her to resist scandals and to remain the king of the English alongside her beloved, for whom his heart has always vibrated.

In that sense, we can expect the new king to bring an air of change and transformation. The monarchy needs to modernize cyclically to endure. The key to Elizabeth II’s success has been its adaptability to modern times. By lightening the structures of the kingdom and ensuring the stability of its people.

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The times in which Charles is to lead the throne are different from those in which his mother ruled the British Empire. He is expected to continue his commitments to fight global warming, the main challenge of our time. It is also expected that, thanks to the position of the planet Uranus on the positive side, his kingdom is more humanitarianly egalitarian.

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Here’s Why King Charles III Will Have A Reign As Strong As His Late Mother, According To Astrology

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