Quimper – In Quimper, Adèle Le Berre tells the thousand and one stories of plants

Quimper In Quimper Adele Le Berre tells the thousand

It is barely 10 a.m. this Wednesday in the Priory garden, in Locmaria. Above this haven of peace bordered by the Odet, a sky that oscillates between soft blue and anthracite grey. And a few fine drops of rain… But nothing to tarnish the discovery of the place. It is in this 1,700 m² setting … Read more

Astrology: The alignment of the stars tells us that these signs of the horoscope are the most energetic!

Find out in this article which horoscope signs are the most energetic this year! You might be on the list! Have you ever crossed paths with someone and been attracted to them almost immediately, against your will? If this sounds familiar, rest assured that you are not alone (at least according to the astrology universe). … Read more

The book “Finding Satoshi” tells the story of the creator of Bitcoin (BTC)

The book Finding Satoshi tells the story of the creator

The agency Ivy McLemore & Associates publishes a book on the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of bitcoin. The book titled, “Finding Satoshi” or in French, “Finding Satoshi” should reveal the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin. Will the mystery surrounding the inventor of cryptocurrency finally be elucidated? More in this article. A … Read more