The book “Finding Satoshi” tells the story of the creator of Bitcoin (BTC)

The book Finding Satoshi tells the story of the creator

The agency Ivy McLemore & Associates publishes a book on the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of bitcoin. The book titled, “Finding Satoshi” or in French, “Finding Satoshi” should reveal the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin. Will the mystery surrounding the inventor of cryptocurrency finally be elucidated? More in this article. A … Read more

Camille Chamoux: “Finding people much more annoyed than me does me a lot of good” – La Vie Nouvelle

Camille Chamoux returns to us with a reflection on time, a theme as eternal as it is contemporary, particularly put to the test during confinement, imagined with the complicity of Camille Cottin and Vincent Dedienne. Calming the race against time, is that the urgency of the 70 minutes of your show? CCSoothing is really in … Read more

Yoga nidrâ, finding peace between waking and sleeping

Although it may be trendy at the moment, the practice of Yoga nidrâ is not new. “Relying on old tantric rituals more or less fallen into oblivion, the discipline was popularized in the West in the 1960s by the Indian Swami Satyananda Saraswati”, says Aurélie Joron, founder of the Samsara Yoga France school*. The principle … Read more