“Camille redoubles”, on Arte: a joyful and moving return in time

Camille redoubles on Arte a joyful and moving return in

Camille (Noémie Lvovsky) and Eric (Samir Guesmi) in “Camille redoubles”, by Noémie Lvovsky. GAUMONT DISTRIBUTION ARTE – WEDNESDAY 21 DECEMBER AT 8:55 P.M. – FILM Who has never let themselves be charmed by the spells of time travel? Noémie Lvovsky makes, with Camille repeats, a tight tribute to Coppola’s beautiful film Peggy Sue got married … Read more

In Pigalle, the joyful rebirth of Madame Arthur, the very first Parisian transvestite cabaret

Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe place celebrates its 75th anniversary this summer. However, without the audacity of a buyer and a troupe of queer artists, it could have disappeared. The place continues the legacy of Bambi, Fétiche and Coccinelle who performed there at a time when cross-dressing was not without risk. The small round tables … Read more

Near Montpellier / Laughter Day: Frontignan, the first “Joyful City” in France

Near Montpellier Laughter Day Frontignan the first Joyful City

By Jean-Marc Aubert Published on 23 Apr 22 at 4:30 PM Metropolitan See my news Follow this media Laughter will be king on May 1 in Frontignan-la Peyrade (©Pixabay) Sunday May 1, the municipality of Frontignan-la Peyrade will celebrate World Laughter Day, organized by the International School of Laughter. And on this occasion, the city … Read more