In Pigalle, the joyful rebirth of Madame Arthur, the very first Parisian transvestite cabaret

Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe place celebrates its 75th anniversary this summer. However, without the audacity of a buyer and a troupe of queer artists, it could have disappeared. The place continues the legacy of Bambi, Fétiche and Coccinelle who performed there at a time when cross-dressing was not without risk. The small round tables … Read more

Near Montpellier / Laughter Day: Frontignan, the first “Joyful City” in France

Near Montpellier Laughter Day Frontignan the first Joyful City

By Jean-Marc Aubert Published on 23 Apr 22 at 4:30 PM Metropolitan See my news Follow this media Laughter will be king on May 1 in Frontignan-la Peyrade (©Pixabay) Sunday May 1, the municipality of Frontignan-la Peyrade will celebrate World Laughter Day, organized by the International School of Laughter. And on this occasion, the city … Read more