Miss France: Camille Cerf very complex because of her weight gain?

In Story of her Instagram account, Camille Cerf, the former Miss France confided in her subscribers about her weight gain!

Very active on social networks, Camille Cerf confides very often about her daily life. Not long ago, the former Miss France confessed that she was very complex because of his weight gain.

Camille Cerf (Miss France) complexed because of her body

On June 23, Camille Cerf (Miss France) spoke on her social networks. She explained that she hadn’t been feeling well since her weight gain. The beauty confessed that she had a lot of hard to accept your body.

Camille Cerf (Miss France) confessed: ” It’s difficult. Because even if and that I find all the bodies very beautiful, I am very hard with mine. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight lately.”.

She then revealed: “I would say 10-15 kilos. I don’t weigh myself. This is because of love, stress and fast pace ». Now, the beauty has decided to take control.

At first, she explained that she needed to sort out all the worries related to work. She then admitted that these problems made her enter “a vicious circle”. Subsequently, she found another technique to try to lose weight.

This Thursday, June 30, Camille Cerf (Miss France) explained that she had had her first therapeutic hypnosis appointment. The reason ? Solve his stress problems and .

nevertheless confessed that she felt skeptical before the first date. And for good reason, she revealed to her subscribers that she was not receptive to this kind of practice.

“I felt like I had clicked”

Camille Cerf (Miss France) still wanted to try everything. And the least we can say is that she was right. In fact, she said feel better after this famous session.

In Story of her Instagram account, Camille Cerf (Miss France) said: “During this meditation, I visualized myself as a cinema screen in which I saw myself having compulsive behaviors with food”.

Before continuing: “And it’s crazy because imagining myself eating without hunger made me a little sad”. Subsequently, the young woman pointed out that she had had “the impression of having a click”.

And for good reason, she admitted that, unlike usual, she managed to restrict herself. Camille Cerf (Miss France) said: ” I have ate two small cookies. Not the whole package like I’m used to”.

The beauty therefore admitted that she was very proud of this small victory. She is still waiting for the arrival of the next few days to see if this session has really done her any good.

Fans of Camille Cerf (Miss France) also hope that she will give news on the progress of her therapeutic sessions. It remains to be seen whether the pretty blonde will feel better about her body soon.

It will still be necessary to show a little patience before knowing more!

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Miss France: Camille Cerf very complex because of her weight gain?

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