Freckles (ephelides): origins, when do they appear, protect your skin?

Once perceived as signs of witchcraft, freckles are now the must have beauty standards. They intensify as soon as the sun comes up, and gradually fade when winter comes. For some they are a source of complex, but others find them a certain charm, to the point of displaying fake splashes. The point on this … Read more

How athletes protect themselves from stress

THE ESSENTIAL According to researchers, mindfulness allows high-level athletes to better manage their stress. This in-the-moment meditative practice has a significant effect on anxiety, depression and pain. Elite athletes are known for their stamina and determination, and the Roland Garros matches right now are a good demonstration of that! But even though they have exceptional … Read more

BlueGuard, an underwater defense system tested off Nice to protect the coast

What if the threat came from the depths? Christian Estrosi admits to having asked himself the question since the July 14 attack. Especially in a city like Nice, rich in cultural or sporting events which, for malevolent spirits, can be so many “Strong temptations”: “We saw what happened on a certain September 11, in New … Read more

How can we protect children against the evil eye and witchcraft?

How can we protect children against the evil eye and

By: Tamime Khemmar The protection of the little ones, who cannot invoke their own protection by the prescribed evocations, adhkarmust be performed by those caring for them such as both parents or other guardians. Indeed, it was attested thatIbn VSAbbas (thatAllah accepted) said: “The Prophet[ﷺ] invoked protection for Al-HAssan and AlHousayn and said: “Your ancestor[1] … Read more