What are the common communication mistakes between Thais and foreigners?

What are the common communication mistakes between Thais and foreigners

Thais speak in a very different way than Westerners, and cultural misunderstandings can arise if you are unfamiliar with Thai culture. Advice from The Thaiger newspaper, on communication between Thais and Westerners. Thais are generally pleasant and laid-back, and they will forgive visitors who make unintentional rude gestures. See: Do’s and don’ts in Thailand, the … Read more

Erotic dreams: here are the most common and their meaning

Erotic dreams here are the most common and their meaning

It’s hard to forget them. Because while they can be intense, erotic dreams can also leave us completely dubious as to their meaning. Pleasant, disturbing or surprising, today we offer you decipher some of the most common sexy dreams. Erotic dreams: 3/4 of the population have them In 2013, during a survey conducted by INSEE, … Read more

Naked in Public, Falling, First Love, Falling Teeth: 9 Common Dream Interpretations

You’ve probably heard that sleep is essential. Indeed, a good night’s sleep can reduce your risk of: – heart disease– depression– diabetes A lesser known benefit of sleep is that it opens a window into the world of the unconscious. It lets you access what some experts call your “inner therapist.” In other words: your … Read more

Here are 10 most common dreams and their meanings

Dreams would have the ability to subconsciously express certain desires, fears or desires, especially if they are recurrent. If you woke up with vivid images of a dream still imprinted in your memory, this article might interest you! According to a survey conducted by Amerisleepthese dreams are the most often reported and common. At the … Read more