Animals, pregnancy… What do we dream of depending on the country in the world?

Animals pregnancy… What do we dream of depending on the

Whether it’s falling into the void, cuddling our pets, being out of clothes, or losing our teeth, dreaming is something we all have in common when our head hits the pillow. They’re mostly weird and confusing, which has us turning to Google for answers about what they mean. If some specialists believe that our dreams … Read more

Animals. Absurd to talk to your pet? 91% of French people do it

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Talking to your pet, considering it as a member of the family, even as a child, letting it sleep in our bed: the box brand for dogs Woufbox published the results of a survey* carried out with a panel of BuzzPress respondents, on the relationship of the French with their animals. A relationship as strong … Read more

Inside the Enigmatic Minds of Animals E! News UK

Inside the Enigmatic Minds of Animals E News UK

By affirming its ambition “to explore their senses to better understand their lives,” Yong is true to his word. A longtime Atlantic staffer, he has an Attenborough-like knack for unearthing simple stories from the boundless mess of the natural world. A look at the eyes of scallops, for example, becomes a window through which to … Read more

EVERYTHING ON THE SCREEN Fred des Anges, a woman of character in the service of animals – Objectif Gard

EVERYTHING ON THE SCREEN Fred des Anges a woman of

La Nîmoise participated in season 10 of Koh-Lanta (Photo Frédérique Brugiroux) They are Gardois and have a career on the web as well as on television. Here is the portrait of local youtubers, instagramers, tik-tokers and reality TV candidates. Known everywhere in France for her strong character, “Fred” retraces her career on television and evokes … Read more