Animals, pregnancy… What do we dream of depending on the country in the world?

Whether it’s falling into the void, cuddling our pets, being out of clothes, or losing our teeth, dreaming is something we all have in common when our head hits the pillow. They’re mostly weird and confusing, which has us turning to Google for answers about what they mean. If some specialists believe that our dreams are linked to our psyche, others suggest that they are totally random. But do dreams vary depending on the country we live in? The Secret Linen company comes to publish his study “Dream World”curious to know if our daily environment could have an impact on our dreams.

With this in mind, its experts have “ dug into Google search data to reveal the dreams we most collectively live and how it can differ in the world. According to the data obtained, it seems that we tend to dream of our four-legged friends more than anything else since this is the case in the first place for 19 of the 185 countries whose data were analyzed. More generally, dreaming of our pets is a common theme, with the United Arab Emirates and various other Asian countries referring mostly to dogs while five countries, including Poland and Bulgaria, dream more of cats.

Interpretation should not be taken literally.

The second most common dream in the world (18 out of 185 countries), especially in the UK, France and Switzerland, seems to be getting pregnant. It is also the most popular dream theme in Europe, knowing that the second is nothing but deception (cheating on one’s partner or being cheated on). “ Alongside the United States, it is also the most regularly searched dream in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, showing that dreams of infidelity are particularly common in Scandinavian countries. “, note the authors of the study. Note that overall, animals of all kinds occupy a large place in this top 15: dog in first place in the ranking, snake in 3, cat in 9 fish in 10th…

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The ranking is completed by dreams relating to spiders, driving and gardening, but some well-known themes are also present such as travel (4th place), seeing your ex-spouse again (6th place), falling teeth (7th place ), money (8th place) or a wedding (11th place). But for those who want to know: what meanings can we give them ? Their interpretation is often far removed from the original idea. Dreaming about a dog, for example, can be a sign that the person feels they have to protect a loved one or that someone is watching over them, although there are several possible explanations.

Pregnancy dream: a desire for novelty

If the dog in your dream is affectionate and friendly, it could mean that someone in your life is trying to guide and protect you, while a hostile dog could indicate anxiety or fears that may creep in. different areas of your life. If you are being chased by a dog, it may be representative of feeling like you need to escape. “, specify on this subject the authors of the study. What about all those pregnancy dreams? Again, it should not be interpreted literally, to the desire for children, because this does not necessarily mean that the person is looking for or trying to get pregnant.

This kind of dreams would actually be linked to the arrival of a new situation in life, and the desire to evolve: ” it could be a new job, a new relationship or even starting a new hobby (…) the new event or feeling being something you need to deal with and focus on if you want it to grow. If you dreamed of induced infidelity it does not mean that you want to pursue things in reality, but rather that you admire a quality in the person who has been the object of your interest. Finally, if infidelity is suffered, this dream would be a reflection of insecurities felt about a past relationship or even about oneself.

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Animals, pregnancy… What do we dream of depending on the country in the world?

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