Sectarian drift: how to help a loved one get out of it?

Your sister has invested in yet another training course to become rich? Has your companion drastically changed his behavior since he’s been seeing a whole new group of friends? Your best friend assures you that she can now cure any disease with magical thinking? Be careful, your loved one may have fallen into the hands … Read more

Intelligence artificielle : la feuille de route du Parlement europen, l’UE veut porter les investissements dans le secteur de l’IA 20 milliards d’euros d’ici 2030

Intelligence artificielle la feuille de route du Parlement europeen

Le Parlement europen a adopt le 3 mai un rapport sur l’intelligence artificielle, qui tablit une liste de demandes visant garantir la position de l’UE dans le domaine de l’IA, et dsigne la recherche comme l’un des principaux moyens d’atteindre cet objectif. Le rapport vise notamment tablir une feuille de route pour l’intelligence artificielle (IA) … Read more

Trump-backed lawmaker Alex Mooney ousts GOP colleague David McKinley in West Virginia

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible. In a bitter preliminary showdown between two GOP congressmen from West Virginia, voters in this wild state of MAGA stuck to … Read more

Why hasn’t Jamaica made Bob Marley a national hero yet?

Why hasnt Jamaica made Bob Marley a national hero yet

Bob Marley mural in Hoxton Street, London. Photo by Luke McKernan on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0. To think of Jamaica is to think of Bob Marley. Although he passed away more than forty years ago, Bob Marley is arguably the most famous export from this Caribbean island nation. He remains a pioneer of reggae music … Read more

Prix ​​de Croissy (Class 1): Epic Poet, the first story in a long series…

Races / 04.05.2022 ParisLongchamp, Wednesday Wednesday at Longchamp, the meeting attraction was called Epic Poet (Lope deVega). On October 17, in the Prix de Belleville (Inédits), the representative of White Birch Farm had succeeded in dictating his law after having practiced a long race of waiting, imposing himself only on his class… Then experiencing a … Read more

Migration: Myara calls for greater efforts in migration management

This meeting, which was attended by representatives of the various departments concerned, also takes place in view of the planned participation in the work of the multilateral hearing session on migration, which will be organized by the President of the United Nations General Assembly. May 16, on the eve of the International Migration Review Forum. … Read more

Morocco’s Distinguished Migration Efforts at the Center of an Interactive Meeting at the House of Councilors

The House of Councilors organized, on Monday, an interactive preparatory meeting for the first International Migration Review Forum, to be held from May 17 to 20 in New York, focusing on the leading role Morocco plays in the field. of migration in its various dimensions and extensions. This meeting, which was attended by representatives of … Read more

Botswana seeks to attract Muslim tourists

Botswana seeks to attract Muslim tourists

Tehran (IQNA)-The African country of Botswana plans to attract tourists from West Asia. Botswana’s valuable and low-cost tourist destinations are a major attraction in the country’s tourism industry, which, however, lacks Muslim-friendly facilities and hotels. The Center for Humanitarian and Social Research (INSAMER) estimates that Muslims make up between 2 and 3% of Botswana’s 2 … Read more

In Switzerland, a father on hunger strike leads MPs to listen to the IPCC

In Switzerland a father on hunger strike leads MPs to

Guillermo Fernandez, “dad on hunger strike” protesting against inaction in the face of climate change, in front of the Federal Palace, in Bern, on November 28, 2021. FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP Of the 246 parliamentarians in Switzerland, around sixty came to the National Council room in Bern, dominated by the Birthplace of the Confederation, a mural fresco … Read more

Oppose the draconian state of emergency! No to presidential dictatorship! Abolish the executive presidency!

Oppose the draconian state of emergency No to presidential dictatorship

The Socialist Equality Party (PES) condemns the declaration of a state of emergency by President Gotabhaya Rajapakse last Friday and demands its immediate lifting. The declaration of a state of emergency is being prepared to crush the working class and the struggle waged for a month by the workers who demand the resignation of the … Read more