New migration offensive in Melilla: at least 27 dead, many injured

On Friday June 24, several thousand migrants tried, sometimes violently, to enter the Spanish territory of Melilla, in North Africa. The toll is terrible: during the assault, at least 27 migrants died. The wounded number in the hundreds among the migrants and the Moroccan and Spanish police. Following these events, the Spanish government’s border control … Read more

Migration: Myara calls for greater efforts in migration management

This meeting, which was attended by representatives of the various departments concerned, also takes place in view of the planned participation in the work of the multilateral hearing session on migration, which will be organized by the President of the United Nations General Assembly. May 16, on the eve of the International Migration Review Forum. … Read more

Morocco’s Distinguished Migration Efforts at the Center of an Interactive Meeting at the House of Councilors

The House of Councilors organized, on Monday, an interactive preparatory meeting for the first International Migration Review Forum, to be held from May 17 to 20 in New York, focusing on the leading role Morocco plays in the field. of migration in its various dimensions and extensions. This meeting, which was attended by representatives of … Read more