An artificial intelligence endowed with sensitivity?

Muriel De Lathouwer Corporate Director and Senior Advisor June 17, 2022 Today at 23:47 Endowing a machine with human skills could lead to the belief that these tools, created by man, are superior to it. To follow the recommendations of these machines is in fact to entrust the power to their designers. Ramdam in the … Read more

Artificial intelligence and reincarnation…

We continue in the counter philosophy with a reflection that I made while discussing with Charles. Basically, there are two currents of thought: Hard-core scientists as well as non-believers and Zettitians who think that life, emotions, intelligence, consciousness, love are only natural, hormonal, electrical and mechanical reactions coded by DNA in the brain of any … Read more

Global Pilates and Yoga Studios Market: Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects | Pure International, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Shiva Yoga Studio – Gabonflash

“Global Pilates and Yoga Studios Market 2022”: Global Market Size, Growth, Share, CAGR, Revenue, Current & Upcoming Trends, Key Players, Cost of Newly Launched Products and Services in the Market, Segmentation Study and Forecast growth 2022-2031. The report of market Pilates and Yoga Studios is an authentic source of access to research information that is … Read more

Intelligence artificielle : la feuille de route du Parlement europen, l’UE veut porter les investissements dans le secteur de l’IA 20 milliards d’euros d’ici 2030

Intelligence artificielle la feuille de route du Parlement europeen

Le Parlement europen a adopt le 3 mai un rapport sur l’intelligence artificielle, qui tablit une liste de demandes visant garantir la position de l’UE dans le domaine de l’IA, et dsigne la recherche comme l’un des principaux moyens d’atteindre cet objectif. Le rapport vise notamment tablir une feuille de route pour l’intelligence artificielle (IA) … Read more