Which Christmas song best matches your zodiac sign?

Which Christmas song best matches your zodiac sign

You’re more like Mariah Carey, Wham! or Ed Sheeran when it comes to Christmas songs? Don’t ask yourself any more questions, we have found THE Christmas song to add to your playlist according to your astrological sign. As New Year’s Eve approaches, while you are looking for the perfect song to accompany you in decorating … Read more

Song – Sheila releases several records and announces a tour for her 60-year career: “You always have to have plans”

Song Sheila releases several records and announces a tour

What could be the song of your 60 years of career?I could say Spacer, but there are so many songs that I liked to sing, like Take me away, Live better… There are so many things that correspond to a person’s life. Being in full light since I was 16, I have a career that … Read more

In public: Lola Lafon and the book “When you will listen to this song”

In public Lola Lafon and the book When you will

Lola Lafon wrote this story after spending a night at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and more precisely in the Annex. The Annex refers to those few rooms where Anne Frank lived for 25 months with her parents, her sister and four other people. 25 months, until the arrival of the Gestapo on August … Read more

Bayonetta 3: previews, gameplay and a song – Switch-Actu

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

Amid the many announcements made on the occasion of the Nintendo Direct the day before yesterday, we would have almost forgotten the imminent release of Bayonetta 3. The witch of the Umbra will return to bewitch us October 28 and in anticipation, a lot of content is now uploaded including a long gameplay trailer, previews … Read more

MHR: Arthur Vincent and the song “Oh petard”, confession time for the Montpellier center

MHR Arthur Vincent and the song Oh petard confession time

Tens of thousands of victims couldn’t get Roland Ramade’s song “Oh petard” out of their heads. Whose fault is it ? At the MHR, which has made it its anthem since its title in the Top 14 last season. Arthur Vincent, suspected of being one of the promoters of this music, confessed. The public has … Read more