First anniversary of Vincent Foly’s death: homily (Father Aguénounon)

First anniversary of Vincent Folys death homily Father Aguenounon

Such is life again: a curious and endless succession of joys and sorrows, of hilarity and melancholy. Sometimes we sketch a beautiful smile, sometimes we shed tears. Yesterday was the big party, today the deep mourning! A little over a year ago, Vincent Foly responded to the final call of the Lord. Each of us … Read more

Land of Fougères. Immersion in nature with Vincent Rannou

Les Choses Press area of ​​the Louvre Museum

The welcome was warm on Tuesday and the emotions intense at the Le Club cinema in Fougères, after the broadcast of wild connection, Vincent Rannou’s first film. This passionate photographer invites the public to a wild immersion in nature. The heart of Brittany is rich in biodiversity and a multitude of natural environments conducive to … Read more

MHR: Arthur Vincent and the song “Oh petard”, confession time for the Montpellier center

MHR Arthur Vincent and the song Oh petard confession time

Tens of thousands of victims couldn’t get Roland Ramade’s song “Oh petard” out of their heads. Whose fault is it ? At the MHR, which has made it its anthem since its title in the Top 14 last season. Arthur Vincent, suspected of being one of the promoters of this music, confessed. The public has … Read more

Vincent Boussard imagine un Werther en forme de songe d’une nuit d’hiver à l’opéra de Lausanne – Toutelaculture

Vincent Boussard imagine un Werther en forme de songe dune

L’interprétation célèbre et célébrée d’un grand ténor, la prise de rôle d’une des jeunes mezzos les plus prometteuses de la nouvelle génération française, une direction elle aussi déjà connue et célébrée, et une mise en scène nouvelle due à un artiste qui chérit le concept : les ingrédients étaient très prometteurs pour la nouvelle production … Read more