MHR: Arthur Vincent and the song “Oh petard”, confession time for the Montpellier center

Tens of thousands of victims couldn’t get Roland Ramade’s song “Oh petard” out of their heads. Whose fault is it ? At the MHR, which has made it its anthem since its title in the Top 14 last season. Arthur Vincent, suspected of being one of the promoters of this music, confessed.

The public has the right to know. He must understand how a musical tune can so invade the heads during a whole summer. “Oh ! Firecracker, firecracker it’s hot…” (Sorry, we put it on you) Those who point to Roland Ramade are wrong. The Melgorian singer, author of the music, has nothing to do with it. After an investigation of several weeks, a work of investigation with infinite means, culprits were designated.

On the bench of the defendants, in the first row, Arthur Vincent. The three-quarter center of the MHR and the France team, accompanied by his Melgorian friends, is accused of having haunted the minds of tens of thousands of French people all summer and corrupted all strata of the club, which made of this title their anthem. The club even decided to put the melody in the background when the announcer reveals the composition of the team. Even the marching band repeats it a couple of times before, during and after kick-off! Well, at the same time, it changes “In Emily’s eyes… Anyway, let’s not find an argument for the defense.

When you are born in the area, everyone knows Roland Ramade

Monsieur Arthur Vincent, what do you have to say to defend yourself? “It starts from deconfinement”, begins the center three-quarters. “We are a group of 7-8 friends, real Melgoriens. One of my close friends from the MHR, also very attached to Mauguio, sends me a message: “Listen to this music. You’re going to love it, that’s for sure, you Melgorians. It’s by Roland Ramade.” And when you’re born in the area, everyone knows Roland Ramade. He came to primary school to sing the Song of the cicadas.”


From the first notes, love at first sight takes place. “After the first three sentences, we took a leap. It immediately became a flagship music. We listened to it all the time, morning, noon and evening. It was our music.” Here, then, is the genesis of the offence. But how did this music spread to the bays of GGL Stadium, to finally reach our ears, us, simple innocent citizens?

Without forcing, it became our anthem, I swear to you (laughs). I’m pretty chauvinistic, but not to that extent. It came naturally

“It was at a party. The season was complicated. I bring my best friend, and there we say: “We’re going to make you listen to our music.” A lot of people joined right away. First a small circle with (Julien) Tisseron, (Anthony) Bouthier, (Martin) Devergie or even (Enzo) Forletta. Then she entered the locker room by some magic, “continues the player.

Indeed, the melody captivates. It has a knack for getting into people’s heads without warning you, until you whistle it without even realizing it, sometimes to the great despair of those around you, bewitched in turn.

“The more we put it on, the more messages I got from docs (doctors) and other guys asking me what the name of the music was. Without forcing it, it became our anthem, I swear (laughs). I am quite chauvinistic, but not to this point. It came naturally”, promises Vincent.


In a last stand, a last question is asked by the prosecution. What spell was invoked for the title to be broadcast at the Stade de France, one evening of the title of champion, in front of 80,000 innocent people? “I hadn’t heard it at the whistle, I was so euphoric. I saw the images afterwards and saw everyone singing. I was hallucinating, it was something exceptional” , concluded the French international (14 selections), whose honesty seems real.

#Rugby ud83cudfc9 A bit of Mauguio in the streets of Paris at dawn this Saturday morning… With Arthur Vincent as the great conductor. And yes, this music has the gift of penetrating your brain without warning you. “Here even the seagulls sunbathe…” @MHR_official

– Midi Libre Sports (@MidiLibreSports) June 25, 2022

After consultation with the judges, the verdict finally falls. Arthur Vincent is largely exonerated. The court considers that the player helped to find the MHR an identity, that it is perhaps the beginning of a trademark. “Oh firecracker…whispers the prosecution, surprised at such a decision.

However, the latter is on another matter. In the next episode, she will treat the case “It was loli, it was lolo, it was lola, the other sorcery of the summer. Enzo Forletta, caught red-handed one early morning singing it in front of his sleeping teammates (surely hypnotized by this other sleight of hand), will take the helm.

In all likelihood it was Enzo Forletta who won the title binge against his teammates ud83dude02ud83dude02ud83dude02

— Arnaud Becquet (@ArnaudBecquet) June 26, 2022

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MHR: Arthur Vincent and the song “Oh petard”, confession time for the Montpellier center

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